Final Fantasy 14 meets Animal Crossing in the relaxing new DLC

Final Fantasy 14 meets Animal Crossing in the relaxing new DLC

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will receive post-launch content that will enrich the gameplay in a way that makes it look almost Animal Crossing. In the coming months, a game mode called Island Sanctuary will be added, a content that director Naoki Yoshida wanted to share more details about in a recent interview with IGN.

Final Fantasy 14's Endwalker expansion will be active on next November 23, but it seems that there will be more content related to her that will be released post-launch. Yoshida explained the concept behind this Island Sanctuary a bit, talking about game elements that seem dear to games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley: “There are elements of pioneering and construction. So you have to build a structure or a farm where you can grow or care for animals. "

" You can leave everything as it is, if you want weeds to grow uncontrollably, and that's fine. Or, if you want to go there and claim the place, that's fine too. " Yoshida also mentioned social elements of this Island Sanctuary where players will be able to invite friends from Final Fantasy 14 for a simple chat in total relaxation, and he also joked that the more hardcore gamers might find this mode a bit "useless" Since it lacks objectives: the entire Island Sanctuary has been designed to be an environment where players can have moments of respite and dedicate themselves to personalization and relaxation.

It will take a while for Island Sanctuary to arrive in Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker, but who knows if this more relaxing game mode still increases the target audience that would want to access the title. The fourteenth chapter of the Square Enix saga is in fact one of the games that generates more profits, more than Final Fantasy VII Remake, with an audience of players that has now exceeded 24 million after 11 years from the very first release. You can read an article about our closed-door trial of Final Fantasy 14 here.

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