Does the Nintendo Switch OLED model have a screen that is too fragile?

Does the Nintendo Switch OLED model have a screen that is too fragile?

In addition to technical performance, a very important aspect of the Nintendo Switch OLED model is certainly the durability and resistance of the materials. While waiting to find more in-depth tests on the body and construction materials online, the first, truly reliable test concerning the screen has revealed to the world the fragility of the screen. And it obviously confirms that the pre-applied film is actually a minimum protection, necessary to avoid the slightest scratch.

This test was carried out by a YouTube user who is in charge of testing the resistance of the various electronic items we have in the house. In the specific case of the Nintendo Switch OLED model, what emerged is an all too fragile screen. In the video, which you find a little further down, JerryRigEverything shows us how the display can be irreparably scratched already at level 2 of the hardness scale.

The test took as reference the Mohs scale, which as a reference Wikipedia reports it is an empirical criterion for evaluating the hardness of materials. Although it is not an official standard, the German mineralogist Friederich Mohs devised it in 1821 and it is still widely used for testing today. The scale goes from 1 to 10 and as demonstrated in the video, already at the second level the screen of the Nintendo Switch OLED model begins to scratch. This means that while not acting directly with a screwdriver as in the movie, for example, there may be risks even when transporting the console.

Obviously there are some precautions to be taken to avoid ruining the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch. The first is not to remove the anti-scattering film in any way, since it is almost fused into the screen, a bit like car windshields. The second is to equip yourself with a tempered glass film: there are several on the market, able to ensure good protection to the screen. The third is the most obvious, but still the most important: don't drop the console, don't carry it where there are keys or metal objects such as coins or pocket knives and so on. With these small precautions, your screen should remain safe.

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