Does New World automatically ban players via bots? Amazon tries to clarify

Does New World automatically ban players via bots? Amazon tries to clarify

New World is having impressive success in these early days of online activity, but some player management issues are also emerging, as is natural for a new MMO, with some reports talking about automatic bans by player bots that are reported en masse, albeit unfairly, although Amazon has denied that this happens.

The question is still rather dubious, also because initially a moderator of the official New World forum had confirmed the existence of a system of automatic ban managed directly by bots, only to be denied by a Community Manager who denied the existence of such a system, which however did not appease the discussions about it.

In fact, there are several reports between Reddit and other forums of players who have been eliminated in large quantities from the New World servers, apparently through very quickly applied and unspecified bans, reported sem due to the amount of reports of incorrect behavior received by the system from other users.

Although these may be sufficient reasons for a ban, it would be advisable for the procedure to follow a somewhat more complex process and above all to be clarified officially by Amazon, which has not yet emerged very clearly.

New World, a screenshot This has led us to think that these bans have occurred simply through an automatic procedure, with bots that instead of evaluating are limited to applying a programmed solution in the event that a certain amount of reports against a player.

This system can open up for abuse by other users, who can band together to simply kick a player out without going through a more defined process. The "Moderator-Z" moderator on the New World forum had actually reported that "we don't want anyone to be unfairly banned, but bots can automatically ban someone if there are too many reports about them in a short period of time." Which had fueled the controversy about an automatic system of ben.

Subsequently, the Community Manager "NW_Mugsy", presumably more familiar with the dynamics of the Amazon Studios game, clarified the matter by putting it in a decidedly different way: "I want sorry for Moderator_Z, not sure why you believe we use bots to moderate but we will investigate these disconnections. We use EAC for people detected using cheating, maybe you got confused about the difference between that and how the code of conduct reports are processed instead . I will work with them and their team to make sure they do not release conflicting information in the future ".

The use of bots for automatic bans seems to be avoided, but the cases that have emerged in these days remain to be explained, awaiting further clarifications. Meanwhile, server transfers are postponed, while the Pirate Pack has been available since yesterday.

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