Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Fast Charging and Larger Screen

Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Fast Charging and Larger Screen

Apple Watch Series 7 Review

The new model of the Cupertino smartwatch has no striking novelties, but many small improvements that, in the end, can make a difference

The evolution of the Apple Watch screen: on the left the Series 3, in the center the 6 on the right, 7. That it was announced as the "best ever" Watch, we had no doubts, but Tim Cook himself, however, on the occasion of the presentation of the new 7 Series (starting from 439 euros) updated the definition to: "the most always innovative ". Let's see if he's right. The improvements made this time are not so much revolutionary, but important and substantial because they mainly concern the speed of charging, the screen and the resistance, three fronts considered the most critical since the beginning of the Watch era on which Apple with this update has made excellent steps forward.

All the news

The charging system has been completely redesigned, with the new cable the operation is a third faster than the 6 Series, 45 minutes to arrive up to 80% of the battery, plus for full compatibility with previous adapters or models and with any USB-C power supply. The new 396 × 484 pixel Retina screen is 20% wider than the previous one, the edges have been reduced by up to 1.7 mm, while the corners are more rounded and reflective. Another important new feature is the optimized interface to make the most of all the space now available on the display for both daily and sports activities. The virtual keys are almost a third wider, but even the text finds double the space for optimal readability without effort of messages and e-mails. For the first time, a virtual qwerty keyboard was also introduced to reply to messages directly from the Watch, not only with pre-set responses: will the era of the classic "I'm busy I'll call you back" then end?

The glass has been entirely redesigned to be more solid, the corners have been further rounded off and are reflective. Progress also for the "rugged" soul of Watch. Those who in the past had dealt with the drama related to the breaking of the glass of the precious Apple jewel, will now be pleased to know that this presents a new geometry. The crystals are arranged differently and with a double thickness for greater strength. The Apple smartwatch is now also dustproof (IP6X certified) and retains water resistance up to 50 meters.

To keep up with increasingly colorful competitors and fashion trends, the 7 Series is available in two versions (41 and 45 mm) and five aluminum colors (black, starlight, green, blue and red) with two brand new clock screens able to emphasize the widest screen to the maximum. To report the one that hosts two Complications (app) simultaneously, a mode that was not possible before. Do not forget the inevitable collaborations with Nike and Hermes.

The field test

During sports activities the new screen makes a striking difference, both in terms of reactivity even with the hands humid, both of visibility for the dimensions. The renewed brightness (plus 27%) is more useful than ever, as is the ability to keep the display always-on. The beat detection is more precise than the 6 Series, the tracking of sports activity remains at good levels with slight differences in running in the circuits with many curves to the right, overall except for the most aggressive agonists it is an excellent training partner , now also with the possibility of becoming a virtual coach.

Also present is the blood oxygen level meter, the electric cadiofrequenzimeter with relative warnings and the altimeter that is always working. Ergonomics remain good, you forget you have it on your wrist after a few minutes and it doesn't bother you during sports. The new battery life and fast charging finally save those who through forgetfulness or other causes are unable to connect the device to a power source within 24 hours.

The clear impression is that the new screen much more usable want to be exploited by Apple to convey services such as Fitness +, a guided exercise program, or the new Mindfulness functions. Now the fall is also detected when you ride your bike, resulting in an emergency call.

Buy it or not?

If you have a Watch in a version prior to Series 6, our opinion it's worth upgrading to 7 (budget permitting). Conversely, save your money for next year. Those who have never purchased an Apple Watch, on the other hand, will find in the Apple watch a "mature" device that, in addition to a remarkable aesthetic appeal, can really accompany the user effectively throughout the day in a series of functions previously prerogative. of the smartphone, at least until the next “best watch ever”…

Wired: new interface, screen, fast recharge

Tired: high price, few possibilities for customization outside the Apple world

Rating: 9

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