The best tools to train at home on a budget

The best tools to train at home on a budget
UPDATE 05/11/2020: We have replaced the previous list with new items that have proven to live up to expectations.

As you know, lovers of the gym and physical activity are having a hard time, at due to the current pandemic situation that often forces them not to complete their training sessions, while running outdoors may not be enough for the most athletic sportsmen, but fortunately you can also train inside your home or in a suitable outdoor space using the best tools, without necessarily spending a fortune on a latest generation treadmill or a professional exercise bike.

This is very important, since physical activity helps to relax, keep fit and allow you to regain concentration. We therefore suggest anyone to integrate some small exercise into their daily routine because it can do nothing but good. It will surprise you, but it only takes a few minutes a day to stimulate our muscles and feel better. In addition, companies that produce smartwatches and sports devices have made free programs for training at home, even without tools. This is the case of Fitbit which for 90 days allows you to take advantage of the Coach Premium application completely free of charge which, in addition to providing advice on how to maintain your physical shape, sends temporary notifications to dedicate yourself to hygiene.

Having said that, at the bottom we have compiled a list of what we believe to be the best tools for training at home by spending anything but stellar figures, but rather within everyone's reach. Before leaving you to discover the items, it is worth pointing out that the products mentioned are all available on Amazon and were chosen after a careful market analysis and after carefully evaluating the characteristics of each.

The best accessories for training at home

Non-slip mat Weights Kit Bench for training Pull-up bar Elastic bands Wrist and ankle supports Exercise bike Electrostimulator

Non-slip mat

Of mats for training at home we have tried so many and we have come to the conclusion that saving money by taking one in cheap foam rubber is not necessary. The top of the mats are those with a non-slip texture at the bottom, which allows you to avoid unwanted movement and train at your best. Perfect for doing a little bit of everything, from yoga to meditation, through bodyweight or weight training.

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There are many different variants, from single ones to complete kits, passing through metal dumbbells with cast iron weights. Much in this case depends on the needs, but if the goal is to keep the muscles moving, neoprene-coated cast iron weights are ideal.

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Bench for training

The bench is the best friend for our body. The possibility of being able to hook the legs and be able to adjust the inclination, makes it ideal for many types of training, from that with weights to the free body, passing through the elastic bands. It does not cost much but allows you to do a lot.

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Pull-up bar

If, in addition to training, you are passionate about DIY you and you have enough space at home to install it, a lifting bar is a tool that allows you to train the whole body in the simplest and cheapest way.

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Elastic bands

Those who have little space at home can instead opt for the purchase of a set of elastic bands. In this case, 5 spring bars are included with their five colors, which represent different tensile forces. Each level offers a level of training suitable for a variety of sporting purposes.

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Wrist and ankle braces

In this case we have proposed the wristbands of 0.5kg each, more than enough if you are not well trained sportsmen, but like many other products there are various versions with different weights. They can be tied to the arms or legs and allow for different bodyweight workouts at any level. Excellent for improving endurance and toning.

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Exercise Bikes

The Exercise Bike is perhaps one of the best tools to train, especially for regarding cardiac endurance. This model is ideal to use at home, thanks to its very small footprint and has an LCD display through which to check the duration of the workout, calories, speed, distance and even pulse.

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If, on the other hand, your goal is to tone up but the space available is very limited or smart-working does not allow you to fully dedicate yourself to physical activity, then an electrostimulator can be the perfect solution to continue stimulating the muscles and toning. The Beurer EM 49 allows you to implement a relaxing therapy but above all prevent atrophy from inactivity.

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