The Batman, Robert Pattinson talks about his Bruce Wayne

The Batman, Robert Pattinson talks about his Bruce Wayne
Robert Pattinson has granted a new interview, this time to Vanity Fair, and has obviously talked about The Batman focusing on an aspect so far perhaps overshadowed or underestimated, namely his representation of the alter-ego of the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne. br>
The actor, recently seen in Tenet, expressed himself in this regard:

I first observe the character I have to play, then I try to understand what he has in common with me, which shades I will have to add to make it richer and more complex. You never play a clear and simple character, there is always to represent people who seem to live in two completely different states at the same time. Bruce Wayne / Batman is a role that allows me to learn to better interpret a certain ambiguity. He is certainly a character with many nuances.

Pattinson also explained how difficult it is to work

At the moment, I am using a lot of elements that perhaps could be secondary: certain expectations of mine or conversations with close friends. This shows the secret part of the actor's sensitivity when confronted with a character ... when you start shooting, it's you in front of your thoughts, your demons but around 20/30 people. I have the classic enthusiasm of the actor who is on set and who must be able to transform the expectations of the fans into my inner dialogue. It is exciting and horrible at the same time to be all the time like on a firing squad.

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The Batman is currently expected in theaters on March 4th 2022.

Director Matt Reeves had confirmed during the DC FanDome that just 25% of The Batman had been shot while showing a trailer that had excited fans and smashed view records.


Speaking of The Batman, Matt Reeves has confirmed that while the events of the film unfold in the second year of activity of Bruce Wayne as Batman, played as we all know by Robert Pattinson, the TV series, still without a title, will take place during Batman's first year of operation.

The protagonist of the series will be a cop who comes from a family that for generations has produced cops for Gotham City. The director stressed that also for the TV series the common thread, thematically speaking, will be corruption and therefore we will see how the Police Department will experience the arrival of a vigilante in the city. It has not been specified whether the main policeman will align with Batman or will be forced to escape from them.

Reeves then explained how corruption in Gotham is a worm that afflicts the whole system and for this reason ordinary people will welcome the deeds of Batman in an ambivalent way.

For The Batman of which Reeves has pitted some interesting sources of inspiration from both cinema and comics.

The director has in fact cited 3 great crime classics of the 70s: Chinatown, Taxi Driver and The French Connection. Even more interesting, and above all absolutely not obvious, is the comic cited by the director: Ego by Darwyn Cooke.

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