Pokémon Sword and Shield Bundle Pack: everything you need to know

Pokémon Sword and Shield Bundle Pack: everything you need to know
It's not long now: from November 6, 2020 Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be able to count on two Bundle Packs in physical version that know of Game of the Year Edition. Inside the package, in fact, there will be a single cartridge for Nintendo Switch, which includes the base game plus the DLC The Lonely Isle of Armor and The Snowy Lands of the Crown of the respective Expansion Pass. A couple of days after its release we had the opportunity to talk about the package, with a representative of The Pokémon Company International, who gave us some details on how it works.

On the hunt for new players

The Pokémon Sword and Shield Bundle Pack is a good way to attract new players. The new editions are "a great opportunity for those who have not yet played Sword / Shield to get in one package all that the Galar region has to offer in one convenient package". The price of the bundle currently fluctuates between 79 and 86 euros for each version, therefore in line with the cost of the individual elements: the Pass is in fact sold for 30 euros, while Pokémon Sword and Shield are between 50 and 60 euros. the one.

"Players - continued TPCi - will be able to enjoy all the contents of the base game and the Expansion Pass, whether they decide to buy them separately or as a bundle. They have more choice". Note that, in contrast to what has recently been happening with these editions, there will be no codes to redeem. All contents will be included inside the cartridge and can be played immediately even without an Internet connection. This will only be required to "receive Pokémon Secret Gifts or items, special purchases or other similar features", such as online multiplayer features of course. However, the space occupied by a possible installation on the internal memory by these contents has not been revealed and any in-game events to celebrate the release of the Bundle Pack remain shrouded in mystery: however, we have been assured that "you will find out. soon ".

New Regions of the UK

Turning more specifically to the DLC, we became interested in the origin of the idea for creating Landa Corona. As with the entire Galar region, the team drew inspiration "from various areas across the UK. Landa Corona, specifically, draws inspiration from Scotland. During development - TPCi told us - we wanted the snowy landscape of Landa Corona brought a real change in the type of environment that the player can encounter compared to other parts of Galar; in addition, it boasts a wide variety of ecosystems that had not been seen before in Sword and Shield. I would say, indeed, that Landa Corona and the Pokémon that inhabit it are quite different ".

The most important novelty of the latest DLC are however the Dynamax Adventures. An idea that the development team introduced to add "new elements to the Dynamax Raids: we thought it would be a fun challenge to have players choose from a series of random Pokémon to use in battle", instead of the monsters they have captured. "We also wanted to change the way Legendary Pokémon are captured." And this, by the way, was one of the elements that we liked the most in our review of the Landa Corona DLC. "The basis of our idea - concluded the spokesperson of TPCi - was that the trainers work and study strategies together to get the better of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. And we think that the Dynamax Adventures are really the best way to do it". br>
At the end of our interview we also asked what The Pokémon Company has learned from player feedback over the past twelve months, and if there is anything the team would have liked to do differently in hindsight. On this point the representative of TPCi did not go too far, but assured that the fans' voices are always heard and that "they are very grateful for all their feedback. Not only for Landa Corona, but also for future games. always with us everything we have learned and we take it into consideration for projects in the pipeline; however, we are satisfied with the way in which Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield have been welcomed by the community and how players from all over the world have joined "the challenge of this eighth generation.

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