Lucca Changes: all the Planet Manga ads

Lucca Changes: all the Planet Manga ads
A few minutes ago the Planet Manga conference subtitled “And at the end Comes… ??? The highly anticipated 2021 announcements of Planet Manga! " with which, on the occasion of Lucca Changes, the most important editorial news of the label dedicated to the Panini Comics manga were presented. Present at the conference Alessandra Marchioni, Sara Mattioli, Francesca Romana Guarracino, Marco M. Lupoi and Enrico Ferraresi.

The announcements include a new edition of Full Metal Alchemist, the sequel to L'Immortale and the light novels by Bleach, Black Clover and Naruto.

Planet Manga announcements in Lucca Changes

Here are all the announcements:

Wolf and Parchment by Hidori; this is the sequel to Spice & Wolf, from the light novel of the same name. The Immortal - The Bakumatsu book by Kenji Takigawa and Ryu Suenobu; it is the sequel to the cult The Immortal by Hiroaki Samura. Ken the Warrior The Origins of the Myth - Souten no Ken Re: Genesis by Hiroyuki Yatsu and Hideki Tsuji Blame! Master Edition by Tsutomu Nihei; there are six large-format volumes that will also be released in box sets, release date scheduled for April 2021. Blame! Denki Ryoushi Kiken Kaisou Dasshutsu Sakusen by Kotaro Sekine; this is the manga based on the animated film of the same name, expected release date: April 2021. Sing Yesterday for Me by Kei Tome; series completed in 11 volumes: it will be proposed monthly starting from February 2021, plus the special volume Afterworks will also be released. Carole & Tuesday by Morito Yamataka; completed in 3 volumes from the anime of the same name by the author of Cowboy Bebop, will be released in May 2021 as a box set only in the comic store .. Konosuba by Masahito Watari; series of 12 volumes still in progress, will start on newsstands in March. Bleach Can't Fear Your Own World; Bleach light novels restart with Volume 2 and 3 in March. Naruto - Retsuden by Jun Esaka; 3 novels with unpublished adventures Black Clover the first 3 light novels arrive, the first coming out in March Jiro Taniguchi - Deluxe Collection 2; more stories of the sensei are coming in the renewed and successful graphic design Inio Asano - Mangaka Manual to be released in April 2021. Mujirushi - the sign of dreams by Naoki Urasawa, a volume that will be released in March 2021 in collaboration with the Louvre museum. Fullmetal Alchemist - Perfect Edition (Kanzenban) by Hiromu Arakawa: there will be 18 volumes in the 14.5 × 21 format with dust jacket of € 12 each. It starts in April 2021. The announcements already anticipated in recent weeks through the social channels:

Kaijin Reijoh by Tetsuya Tashiro Spice and Wolf Double Edition by Keito Koume; inspired by the light novel of the same name due out in January, it will consist of 8 volumes Beast Complex by Paru Itagaki (Beastars), an anthology of unpublished stories set in the Beastars universe. Summer Wars - the novel by Mamoru Hosoda and Kyohei Iwai Kill la Kill Omnibus by Ryo Akizuki; February in omnibus edition or single volume with dust jacket Plus / Slam Dunk Illustrations 2 by Takehiko Inoue; the artbook released in September and immediately sold out will be reprinted. Visit the exclusive Amazon store of Lucca Changes with products already available and many in pre-order.

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