iPhone 12 Pro, between lights and shadows | Review

iPhone 12 Pro, between lights and shadows | Review
These are the news for the iPhones of 2020: a new design, improved camera, a new wireless charging system and the arrival of 5G. If you were thinking of buying a new iPhone, this is the iPhone 12 Pro review.


2020 is the year of design change for the new iPhone. There is always a lot of curiosity when a company decides to make an aesthetic change to a product that has already been on the market for some time, because it is often not just about aesthetics, but also about ergonomics. Smartphones are products that we hold in our hands for many hours a day, and it is important that they communicate a good feeling during use. This year's change touches the hearts of fans, because Apple follows the design seen the first time with the iPhone 4.

For some this might be good, but not for everyone. Personally I am not impressed with this choice of Apple, far from it. I was expecting something new, while the result is a mix between iPhone 11 and something already seen. In practice, Apple has kept the design with the notch, which has been following us for several years now, has kept roughly the same edges of the screen, and has inserted these elements into a squared body, with rounded corners and flat edges.
Of course, you may not agree with me on the final result. I have heard many comments of appreciation on this design, but you will have to agree with me when I say that, although I may like it, it is certainly nothing new or innovative. It is also true that it is not easy to innovate a smartphone, which is essentially a rectangular screen, however I was expecting something more. It would have been appreciable to see, at least, a notch in a less bulky version, like all other Android smartphone manufacturers have been doing for some time now.

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