Covid-19 Challenge: here are the selected ideas

Covid-19 Challenge: here are the selected ideas
"Covid-19 Challenge", the call for ideas launched and promoted by Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and Marzotto Venture Accelerator, takes a step forward with the selection of the 15 realities that will play the chance to get to the "Preliminary Acceleration Program" up for grabs. 500 applications were received, all aimed at health, economic and social areas to help combat the Covid-19 emergency. The jury then selected the best 15, from which we will come out with real projects on the road to realization.

We are really enthusiastic about the quality of the projects that have been received and which confirms, once again, the liveliness of the young Italian companies combined with the ability to quickly grasp new challenges, responding with new and innovative ideas and which bring together technologies and skills. The best startups and the best projects will pass to the real acceleration phase which provides the support and coaching necessary to fill the needs of technological validation, finance for investment and market penetration, also through the support of the Corporate Partners of the initiative.

Roberto Guida, CEO of Marzotto Venture Accelerator

Covid-19 Challenge: the selected ideas

Brain Innovations: an integrated and global solution, which addresses the needs of patients with Parkinson's disease, through devices for diagnosis, for monitoring of symptoms and administration of therapy. The long-term goal is to offer an integrated set of solutions that can become the gold standard for the global management of patients with Parkinson's disease, with a significant improvement in the diagnosis and symptom monitoring process, and the introduction of the first personalized and adaptive therapy for Parkinson's disease. Brochesia with B Med has created a software solution designed for the specific needs of health care. Through the use of Augmented Reality, it facilitates communication even remotely between patient and doctor. Phygiwork, with the "ROME CIRCULAR LIVING" project aims to respond with innovative models to the current challenges and dynamics of the market. Phygiwork has defined a platform for the integrated use of technological infrastructures, tools and applications that follow a "Smart Circular City" approach as a smart way of integrating interconnected systems (smart mobility, smart building and smart working). Exo Lab Italia aims to position the company as a leader in the production of exosomes and products based on exosomes deriving from organic, Italian and high quality fruit and vegetables for different market segments: supplements, natural drug-delivery, cosmetics and devices doctors. aWhere has as its concept a conscious and intelligent management system of the epidemic emergency in the workplace represented by a digital platform. The Platform provides the company with a range of possible responses related to different risk scenarios and situations ("alert levels"), thanks to a centralized "intelligence" that is able to dynamically and promptly provide all corporate stakeholders the protocols and rules of conduct to be adopted according to the different levels of alert and changes in the surrounding conditions. WECARE is a platform with a medical kit supplied to each individual citizen / patient or family unit combined with a collector that filters information from bio-medical sensors, with a point-to-point connection between the family and the general practitioner. Each GP will be able to access the platform and remotely manage their patients, as long as they deem it necessary. The kit to be designed and built will have a digital thermometer for measuring the temperature, an oxy-pulsimeter for measuring blood oxygenation and heart rate, a digital scale, an electronic-digital box for the arrangement of therapy medicines, blood pressure measurement, if any. COVID-19 IgG / IgM Rapid Serological Test Kit, Virtual visit camera. Adaptive Security Appliance is an application platform that, starting from existing libraries or creating new ones, creates the "digital twin" of an IT / OT infrastructure, in order to improve the current systems of prevention, detection and response to cyber attacks. Virus Safety & Lives Connected in a Smart World is a monitoring and containment system created by Toobiz, a company that already develops IoT solutions. The system can be composed of different devices with different accuracy and control times. In particular they have: a) a Portal (fixed door that controls the temperature, counts the accesses and positives to the temperature, as well as a metal detector), b) Totem (from table to floor, which also measures the temperature and monitors the mask ), c) the Multiple Control Portal (monitors the passage of several people) and d) Web Portal and Mobile App (integrated with totems and / or devices receive images and make them ready for viewing). The Helmet with Visor and Augmented Reality and Integrated Thermal Camera allows it to be used by special teams for continuous remote temperature monitoring with high precision. The system is able to simultaneously monitor a multitude of people by identifying and "tracking" those in an alert state. ButterfLife is a cloud-based device and software based on algorithms, for the self-assessment of 5 vital parameters: temperature, blood oxygenation, respiratory rate, heart rate and systolic and diastolic pressure. In just 30 seconds from the completion of the recognition (it can in fact be used by several people), the data is available on the patient's personal account and accessible to the doctor / specialist / pharmacists for monitoring and diagnosis. GuardAI with the iGuard project aims to analyze large amounts of data detected through video / images, cameras equipped with neural networks, verifying gatherings, compliance with safety regulations, distance, with sound alerts if the provisions are not respected. Askdata the idea is to use platforms and algorithms to offer tele-visit services to doctors and patients with content. Hospital Proximity Mobility provides for the activation of self-driving systems for the transport of people and goods by e-shuttle. HeadApp / Eye4Care is a platform that enables real-time audio / video connections between a health management unit and staff in direct contact with patients, reducing the presence of staff in the ward and favoring remote training and procedures. PlusSimple is a web-based telemedicine platform that groups all stakeholders, tracks their movements, provides data and statistics based on algorithms. HEREMOS - Health Remote Monitoring System is a “smart t-shirt” equipped with sensors for measuring vital parameters, which helps to reduce hospitalization times by favoring home monitoring.

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