In Paris you can eat in the pool of a 5-star hotel (still closed due to the pandemic)

In Paris you can eat in the pool of a 5-star hotel (still closed due to the pandemic)

Hotel Les Bains, which did not open due to the coronavirus, allows you to book private dinners in its exclusive spaces, such as the swimming pool, the nightclub track or the suites

The hotel swimming pool (photo : Les Bains) Among the many sectors affected by the pandemic, that of hotels is one of the most suffering. Corridors and corridors of rooms remain empty and silent, and many hotels have not yet reopened their doors after months of closure. They are too large structures and with too much staff: accounts in hand, it is not convenient. This is also the evaluation made by Les Bains, a five-star hotel in Paris which, at the moment, has chosen not to accept reservations for its rooms (according to the website, until November). But in September he reopened his Roxo restaurant introducing a novelty: the possibility of eating in spaces of the hotel that remained empty and normally inaccessible, such as the (emptied) swimming pool, suites or nightclub.

The operation it has been nicknamed Les Bains Confidentiels and is explained on the hotel's website, where you can find contacts to book private dinners in unusual places. The most spectacular are certainly the swimming pool and the old reservoir of the Bains Guerbois, dating back to 1885, which can be reserved for a decidedly exclusive dinner for up to ten people.

In addition to the swimming pool, the suites with their terraces, the Salon Chinois (an elegant lounge with a fireplace) or on the dance floor of the nightclub, where several stars have performed over the years. “We hope that, in the current circumstances, this Parisian institution will remain more than ever a convivial place of social, artistic and cultural emulation”, explains the owner Jean-Pierre Marois.

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