Ford SYNC 4, the next generation infotainment system

Ford SYNC 4, the next generation infotainment system
SYNC 4 is the new infotainment system launched by Ford. Many new features of the new generation will make its debut together with the Ford Mustang Mach-E arriving in early 2021.

Connectivity and customization. Two main elements that characterize the system. Having your smartphone close at hand will be essential, so much so that it will become essential for personalizing your car, simplifying some important actions.

Artificial intelligence. Learning and, therefore, acquiring information and habits from the user will allow the driver to have a driving assistant. Perceiving and configuring the car according to the driver's needs will be the goal of SYNC 4 technology. Through the app it will be possible to make some configurations such as favorite places, charging stations, preset departure times or cabin temperature, program level desired reload or simply set your own profile picture. The "phone as a key" function will be very useful, for example, to set up accounts and enabled smartphones so that they can function as a key for using the car.

Making OTA updates will be even easier and fast . An unprecedented cloud-based platform will also highlight any security problems or bugs, also allowing you to upgrade to the previous version.
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