Dusk Golem gives up, no more leaks or advances on the games

Dusk Golem gives up, no more leaks or advances on the games
Dusk Golem, also known as Aesthetic Gamer on Twitter, has made a lot of talk about himself over time for having spread indiscretions on social networks and videogame forums that later turned out to be partly correct. This time the insider gets back to talk about himself, not to announce new rumors and leaks but rather to communicate the desire to stop their dissemination and communicate it to us on his Twitter account. Dusk Golem, in fact, has decided to stop the dissemination of information related to game productions in development or not yet announced.

According to what has been publicly declared, what prompted the leaker to retire from the scene with this role it is the sense of guilt for having damaged the work of many people with its anticipations. But Dusk Golem won't completely disappear from the scene, “I'll keep tweeting about the things that excite me” he declares.

(1/6) Some will be happy with this news, some won't be. But I've faced this many times in the last couple months specifically, personal guilt about it, I've talked with a few people about it, and making this decision.

I'm retiring as a leaker & being open with stuff I know now.

- AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@ AestheticGamer1) September 26, 2020

As a result of this communication, therefore, the doubt arises that some developer has actually warned the insider, making him reflect on the consequences of his actions. It is therefore a considered choice, reinforced especially in the last two months. “I talked to some people about it and made this decision. I intend to stop leaking and openly discuss things I know of, ”writes Dusk Golem.

Recently, the insider had publicly shared some rumors related to the release and future announcement of Resident Evil Village, which were actually confirmed during the Showcase event in June, in which Sony unveiled its PlayStation 5. Furthermore, he has repeatedly cited Silent Hill, foreseeing an announcement for Sony's next-gen console and urging the community not to give up because it seems that something is in the pot. Indeed Konami has never forgotten the famous horror franchise and knows that a possible announcement is exactly what millions of fans around the world expect, but to date we do not have confirmation. "As far as I know, the Silent Hill project is still alive, that's the last thing I'll say," says Dusk Golem for the last time, taking his leave on Twitter. Could it be true? "We will find out only by living" sang Lucio Battisti.

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