Xbox Series X vs PS5, Phil Spencer speaks: 'we are in a great position'

Xbox Series X vs PS5, Phil Spencer speaks: 'we are in a great position'
While the audience is waiting to find out the date of the Xbox Series X event in July, Phil Spencer has offered some interesting considerations on the last show dedicated to PlayStation 5.

During a recent panel held by the head of the gaming division Microsoft, the latter said he appreciated the digital appointment organized by the Sony leaders and sent his compliments to Jim Ryan. At the same time, however, Phil Spencer has proved confident of what the cards are in the hands of the House of Redmond, which is preparing to celebrate the launch of the Xbox Series X in style.

"I think they have done a good job - said the face of the Xbox world - [...] but when I think about the position in which we find ourselves, with the games we are preparing to show and how they will present themselves, to the hardware advantages we have, I think that we are in a great position. So I feel optimistic about July, the gameplay we are going to present, and the potential of the hardware. But I will also say that as a player it is nice to see both of them compete. The comparison leads to better results for both companies and I am delighted. "

Pending the July event, we point out that on the pages of Everyeye you can find a rich special dedicated to Microsoft's strategy in view of the next gen, written by our Giuseppe Arace.

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