San Raffaele Telematic University Rome: Details, Costs and Opinions

San Raffaele Telematic University Rome: Details, Costs and Opinions
The San Raffaele Telematic University of Rome is one of the most recent telematic universities recognized by MIUR, characterized by a very specific training offer, oriented towards the world of work and the excellence of Made in Italy.

the strengths of the San Raffaele Telematic University are specialized research structures equipped with scientific equipment, also the result of the strong link with the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", with which it established the consortium called "Medical and Experimental Bioimaging Center (MEBIC) ", aimed at carrying out scientific activities in the field of Molecular Rehabilitation for the recovery of brain, musculoskeletal, cardiac, respiratory, renal, hepatic and sensory functions.

The training offer is concentrated on the degree courses of 4 faculties highly requested by working students: Agriculture, Law, Architecture, Motor Sciences. Those who have attended San Raffaele recognize the good level of teaching, capable of guaranteeing the training necessary to give a boost to their professional career.

Those who attend Uni San Raffaele can safely continue to work or maintain their their personal and family commitments without giving up studying to obtain their online degree and to obtain high-level training. For example, this characteristic has allowed her to have 526 students enrolled in the 2017/2018 Academic Year, 4,250 students enrolled and 332 graduates.

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