HP Envy 6000 and HP Deskjet 2700, for home and office

HP Envy 6000 and HP Deskjet 2700, for home and office
HP Envy 6000, HP Deskjet 2700: these are the names that HP launches on the market to respond to the sudden evolution experienced in recent months, so as to be able to respond to the changed context with products having a new center of gravity and a wider perimeter.

Agile work, remote study and digital free time suddenly came to converge in the same place: the home. This perspective, initially imagined by most as a parenthesis destined to end and only later become permanent with the prolongation of the health emergency in certain cases and of the layoff in others, requires the development of new solutions for an office that must be multifaceted, space-saving and versatile compared to the most varied needs.

HP Envy 6000 and HP Deskjet 2700

These are the guidelines that HP explains it has followed in the design of the new outgoing units:

Design concept for contemporary homes – made of recycled plastic for more than 20% of its weight. The user interface is smart and intuitive that allows you to interact with the device without interruptions thanks to the lighting wizard of the edges that indicates the status of the printer; the buttons appear only when necessary. Connection is stable and without interruptions thanks to the Wi-Fi Self-healing dual-band families today not only continue to work from home but I'm on the constant search for alternative ways of learning and fun for their children, even during the summer period. For this reason, our goal was to ensure a printing experience that didn't require any effort or fatigue. Our new printers are especially designed for those who work and study at a distance, provide easy configuration thanks to the smart control panel that lights up in an intuitive way when necessary.

Rossella Campaniello, Printing Systems, Director of HP Italy

all this is complemented by the simplicity of the printers that can be managed from the mobile with the app HP Smart and intelligent handling of the cartridges that allows you have the delivery at home and a great savings compared to a simple monthly fee, starting from eur 2.99 per month.

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