Eni, three startups for HR Open Innovation

Eni, three startups for HR Open Innovation
The “Digital HR: Innovating to grow” call launched by Eni ended a few hours ago. The projects selected through the collaboration with Cariplo Factory are three and can now begin a path of growth under the aegis and stimulus of cooperation with the six-legged dog:

SkillGym Glickon TeamEQ

Digital HR: Innovating to grow

Seventy startups had sent their profiles (fifty-eight of them Italian), ten were selected and only three had the opportunity to move on to the final phase. This is an Open Innovation project in which Eni has believed strongly in virtue of the sap it can bring to the digital transformation process that the group has embraced for some time.

Through collaboration with the best startups, Eni accelerates its digital transformation process and contributes to the development of a virtuous network of potential companies that are leaders in technological innovation. Launched in November 2019 in collaboration with Cariplo Factory, the call "Digital HR: Innovating to grow" did not stop during the health emergency and continued by involving startups capable of developing cutting-edge solutions in the areas of the engagement process and feedback, digital solutions for relations management and continuous training of Eni people.

Can innovation embrace the management of human resources ? Not only can, but should: the phases of acceleration and transformation, in fact, see the human element at the centre of every single dynamic, and only a path of continuous training can enable the various functions to remain aligned with the corporate mission, and the overall ability of the group to produce innovation. The collaboration with Cariplo Factory is in this fundamental sense, because it allows groups like Eni, to be able to enter into contact (and contamination), with the startup promising and useful to the stated objectives.

With more than 200 digitisation projects in progress across all the areas of business, digital transformation, Eni is experiencing its crucial stage and represents for the company a key lever to continue to improve its results in terms of safety, integrity,

of the assets, sustainability and operational efficiency.

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