Philips 24 inch monitor at -42% on eBay

Philips 24 inch monitor at -42% on eBay
Full HD resolution and thin bezels for a 24-inch monitor suitable for any desk, with features that make it ideal for work, study and multimedia entertainment: it is the Philips V Line 243V7QDSB model proposed today at the price of 102.98 euros (instead of 179.98 euros) on eBay.

eBay offers: Philips 24 ″ monitor on sale

The 16: 9 panel integrates a W-LED backlight system and IPS technology to ensure optimal viewing of content from any angle. In the data sheet also the response time of 4 ms, the anti-flicker and the VGA, DVI-D and HDMI inputs to which to connect the video sources.

To the list specifications are added the LowBlue mode to not strain the eyes especially during the sessions of use at night and the one called EasyRead for a comfortable reading experience. All this today with a 40% discount on the list price. The product is located in Italy and shipping is free with home delivery in a few days. The seller has nearly 200,000 positive feedbacks received from eBay members.

Source: eBay

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