40% discount on Northweek sunglasses

40% discount on Northweek sunglasses
Tired of the usual old sunglasses? Then you should not miss this sensational Northweek offer that applies crazy discounts on all its excellent catalog of products. In fact, on sunglasses a discount is applied such that all items are in a price range that varies between € 18 and € 21!

All Northweek glasses are manufactured with cellulose triacetate, which entails greater flexibility and protection from UV400 rays, while the high-quality polycarbonate frames adapt perfectly to the oval of the face, creating high durability and resistance. The lenses of the glasses are polarized for and thanks to this technology the glare is reduced providing superior sharpness and contrast. The fact that the lenses have a rigid laminated surface that increases resistance and protects from scratches, together with the flexibility and resistance of the frame make Northweek glasses the right companion even for those who want to maintain a certain style in the most eventful situations. By purchasing a pair of glasses you will also receive the protective case, a microfibre cloth and a set of stickers to give further character and personality to our objects. This offer becomes truly unmissable if you want to buy Northweek Creative glasses, in fact the glasses famous for their incredible customization can be yours for only € 20 instead of € 40!

With the endless catalog of glasses on offer, the offers you are endless , that's why we recommend you to visit the page dedicated to the initiative , in order to find the item that most suits your needs. Finally, before you leave you go to browse the catalog Northweek , we want to remind you to subscribe to our channel four Telegram dedicated to the offers , where you will be continually updated on the offerings related to technology, hardware , smartphones and chinese products , such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

The best sunglasses offer

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