Meet, Duo: group video calls on smart displays

Meet, Duo: group video calls on smart displays
With the aim of increasing the use of its tools for remote communication, the Mountain View group today announces the possibility of organizing and participating in group video calls via Google Meet and Duo on a smart display equipped with a video camera and compatible with bigG technology.

Google Meet and Duo on Nest Hub Max and other displays

The rollout is not global, but as often happens on these occasions it starts from the United States with the promise to then go on to broaden the range in an unspecified future. Compatible devices include the 10-inch Nest Hub Max model, currently not yet on sale in Italy. With the smallest Nest Hub available in our country (here the review) the possibility is instead denied since there is no video camera.

With Meet it is possible to involve up to 100 people in the same video call, while with Duo the limit is imposed on 32 participants. The commands are quite simple and you just have to say them: "Hey Google, make a group call" ("Hey Google, start a group call") or "Hey Google, join my next meeting" ("Hey Google, join my neighbor meeting ").

Support for G Suite accounts is also being distributed, useful for hosting a business meeting directly on your Nest Hub Max, in perfect smart working style. To do this, you need to participate in the Google Assistant beta program.

Source: Google

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