Did Kojima "steal" money from Konami to create P.T in secret?

Did Kojima steal money from Konami to create P.T in secret?
There are still many players who still pity P.T, the Playable Teaser dedicated to Silent Hill created by Hideo Kojima when he was still part of Konami. The company's decision to eliminate the demos from the PlayStation Store and not to follow up on the project has made many fans of the saga suffer, but now new information is popping up through a Gameblog.fr report.

According to reports, some sources close to Kojima and Konami itself would have revealed some burning information to say the least: the developer would have practically "stolen" money from the company to secretly develop PT. More precisely, it appears that Kojima commissioned a small team to make this demo, without warning Konami. This work would also have been financed with the budget dedicated to Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain. For this reason, the game was delayed and Kojima had to request additional funds to end development.

P.T. it was a secret for everyone and Kojima would secretly publish the game on the PlayStation Store, working together with Sony. Konami was in the dark, however: it seems that many people in the company discovered the existence of the Silent Hill demo only at the time of the official announcement at Gamescom 2014.

This move by Kojima has therefore contributed to creating disagreements between man and society, a situation which then led to a definitive separation and the creation of an independent team.

How much truth is there in this report? Unfortunately, without further evidence we cannot confirm the veracity nor deny the information reported. For now, it is impossible to consider this anything more than a rumor. Also, as much as Kojima has certainly had freedom and power to manage their projects as it wished, it seems really unlikely that it will be able to not only develop but also publish a demo in secret, without anyone within Konami knew what he was doing. What do you think?

Update 19.20 – 24/06 | Kojima Productions via their Twitter account, has denied officially, all the information from the source of Gameblog.fr. You can see the tweet below, with the words of Jay Boor, Global Head of Marketing and Communications.

"KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS normally does not comment on rumors or speculation, however we can confirm that the article recently posted on https://t.co/zDfUnEnnip is categorically false."

– Jay Boor, Global Head of Marketing and Communications https://t.co/d3o5rV0K0O

— KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS (Eng) (@KojiPro2015_EN) June 24, 2020

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