The Beating Heart of Evil: the review of the game

The Beating Heart of Evil: the review of the game
After bringing back to Italy masterpieces from the past and unpublished, written by the masters of the game books, Librarsi Edizioni has decided to expand its offer with more recent titles.

The Beating Heart of Evil, in fact, is the translation of Restless Heart of Evil, one of several game books written in the new millennium. The result of a 2015 Kickstarter campaign, The Beating Heart of Evil is the first game in the Dangerous Worlds series by Marc J. Wilson. Currently the series consists of a second volume already published, titled The Lost Legion, and a third currently in production.

Ideally, the Dangerous Worlds series joins in the intentions of Critical If, of which Librarsi has already published Heart of Ice, as both series present a game system that does not require the use of dice.

The story of a survivor

In the volume we will play the role of Sigasünd, born in the grim Wastelands under an unfortunate star. The mother, of whom Sigasünd has only a vague memory of a long lost medallion, died in childbirth. His father, a small merchant, died suicide after losing all his belongings in a shipwreck. Little Sigasünd then tried to survive as best he could, trying to keep himself afloat in an insensitive and ruthless world.

From time to time thief, murderer, mercenary, after seeing much of the known world, was captured by a gang of dark elves forced into a galley headed for a slave market. Here, luck had it that an old scholar of antiquity, Professor Hieronymus Kroos, set his eyes on Sigasünd, deciding to save him from a cruel fate by making him his servant.

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