Boot Camp: no Windows for ARM-based Macs

Boot Camp: no Windows for ARM-based Macs
In recent days, the awaited confirmation of the transition to ARM processors made internally by the Cupertino group for Mac line computers has arrived at WWDC 2020. A transition that is estimated to take about two years to complete on the whole line-up. From the published documentation we learn that Boot Camp will no longer allow you to install a copy of Windows.

Mac ARM: Boot Camp will not allow you to install Windows

A support document (link to bottom of article) referring to Rosetta, the emulation software capable of adapting the code written for Intel hardware to the new architecture, specifies that operation is not foreseen for "Virtual Machine applications that virtualize x86_64 computer platforms".

It should be noted that Boot Camp will continue to operate as it does today on Macs with Intel CPUs, including those already in circulation and also following the receipt of the update that will bring the operating system to the new Big Sur version also announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in week starts.

During the event, Apple showed Linux running on a computer with ARM hardware, but this is because the penguin platform is already distributed in editions compatible with the architecture. In truth, Windows 10 is also with its "for ARM" incarnation, however officially made available only and exclusively to manufacturers such as Samsung, HP, ASUS and Dell to be pre-installed on marketed products.

The ball is therefore in the hands of Microsoft : you are in the group of Redmond decide whether or not to release the images of the operating system so as to allow installation without forcing users to resort to workarounds or methods that are not official.

Source: Apple

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