Immune, even Giorgia Meloni will not download it

Immune, even Giorgia Meloni will not download it
Those who follow us know that from the first hour we have been in favor of the Immuni project, while preaching the need to remain vigilant on the issue. Favorable, because in the face of a pandemic, it is necessary to have all possible weapons in order to limit the harmful effects that this situation can have on public health, society and the economy; vigilant, because respect for privacy and security must remain inviolable principles. At the same time, we stressed it from the first hour: Immuni's main obstacle would have been the fragmentation of public opinion, an element on which politics spills petrol every day for partisan convenience.

An app that should supporting itself on the cooperation of millions of Italians, united on the same front to build a new lever for the containment of contagions, is actually faced with a picture too complex to be able to put millions of Italians around the same project. Too complex, especially in the midst of the social tensions that the aftermath of the health emergency is carrying on.

Immune? Giorgia Meloni is against

In the last hours it was Giorgia Meloni who thundered against Immuni. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia explains that she does not intend to download Immuni and continues her motivations during the presentation of the regional candidate Fitto in Puglia. It actually does so with late and misleading arguments, but which inevitably will only feed the enemy fire to the project. So in the words collected by ADNKronos:

I have downloaded the app Immune and I urge everyone not to download it. Because it is an initiative made in violation of the code of contracts and of the Italian regulations. The decree says that the information on the app can not be used for other purposes, but does not sanction the different use. There has not been a public tender, but the problem is that the data on health conditions and the movement of people is the business more attractive in the world, for the pharmaceutical companies. Without a law, and of constitutional guarantees could not be done, according to me.

Such arguments are, however, late why pointing the finger on the “phase 1” of the app, the problematic selection procedure and division of responsibilities between the ministries and the task force. With hindsight, the choice of the ministerial, and it seemed appropriate, although, in the disaster had accelerated the practical and the whole thing had ended up in the hands of a company that has as shareholders the sons of Silvio Berlusconi (we talk about it? you can discuss it, but this is not related to the goodness of the project that deserves it instead talks more).

Such arguments seem to be also misleading because they speak of a data collection that is not the case and the fact that the source code is public it is a guarantee in this sense. Dry the response of the secretary of state for Relations with Parliament, Gianluca Castaldi:

After Matteo Salvini also Giorgia Meloni attacks the app either, with the usual tones plotters who had evidently a trademark of this centre-right. That the Melons more interested in the political propaganda, and the health of the citizens, it was already clear when in march, in the full pandemic, his main concern was to go to vote in advance in may. An idea that now all of us it seems glaringly obvious in its absurdity. But today, it exceeds every limit, when you get even a boycott of Immune an app that can prevent the spreading of new outbreaks, saving so many lives. Immune completely respects the privacy of the citizens, since it does not record any data that allows you to trace the identity of the person. Anyone who says otherwise, is an irresponsible mind knowing that they are lying: if you do not have respect for the truth, it has, at least, for the life of the people.

At this point, just need to understand where is the reason (and in fact just seem to serve the great debates on the theme that every day permeate the media) because it is a clear question: public opinion now is extremely polarized on this front, and there will probably be means to make Immune to a tool that can prove to be useful. It will not be the fault of the Immune, but the very perception of the app, the image of which is now polluted by critical “for the party took” (opinion leaders such as Salvini and Melons inevitably weigh), whose true understanding of the operation is reduced to a very few people and whose action is viewed with suspicion by those who fear geolocalizzazioni that are not there.

Who will be Immune?

The best of the hypothesis is that the Immune proves to be a flop, that is, that it is not in use no one and that no one feels the need to use it. This will happen if the pandemic will disappear, if no one will feel the itch of fear – that in times of emergency it is far more stinging to itching. Immune will disappear from the radar if we don't have outbreaks, if you suddenly – for reasons still not possible – the Covid not be an enemy. Remember the priorities which are: we will not rejoice if Immune works or not, but if the Covid disappears. Sometimes it is important to remind ourselves, to understand what we're talking about, so as to avoid to confuse end and means to fraud or error.

The worst of it is, however, more likely. The cases of the slaughterhouse in Germany, and the city of Lisbon again in lockdown in these hours, as well as the echoes arriving from the USA and Brazil, should make us think in this direction. The autumn, in fact, may bring bad news. Would happen, however, in a context very different than the first time: the economy is already fragile, the patience is already exhausted. If new outbreaks will be uncontrollable, the tears to cry will be now exhausted.

that is why we consider important to encourage the use of an app that can help us and, at the same time, we strongly recommend a vigilant attitude on the part of all parties involved: every aspect of health, legal, and communication must be continually refined, smoothing out the rough edges that inevitably a project that is so important – and so quickly – can present. But we can think of to deal with the war a second wave with his bare hands. Or we can think of to deal with it by pointing the fingers one against the other, sector against sector, party against party, person against person.

you can Not think, however, to download each of the blame on the citizens, even in the middle of the conjunction of digital illiteracy, misinformation, political opinions, divergent, or anything else. Immune can not only afford to exist: must have the strength to convince . The project must be able to tell, must know how to inform you must be playing the cards he has in hand. It is not a matter of guilt and responsibility: it is a matter of rowing, because the autumn is around the corner and will come with a load of risks that no one can afford to ignore.

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