Apple Watch, here's how it expels water after a dive

Apple Watch, here's how it expels water after a dive
Apple Watch uses a very ingenious technique to let the water flow out of the chassis after a dive and free the speakers.

In the video we show you see how the speakers are made to reproduce certain sound frequencies so that the water is expelled, all in super slow motion at 2000 fps.

It is through the YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys that we learn how Apple's wearable uses the sound frequencies to remove the liquid present in its indoor. The function is called Water Lock and performs two very important operations:

Disables the touch to prevent accidental touches when, for example, we are monitoring swimming immersed in the sea or in the pool; It expels the water through the slots of the speakers after it realizes that the activity has ended. If you are wondering, the frequencies emitted to free the speakers from the water are very low, in the order of 196 Hz. These are ideal for "vibrating" the Apple Watch which help expel the water present in the membrane outwards.

In the video we can observe the whole process with a truly remarkable visual detail, accompanied by some Super Slow Motion sequence images. From 1:50 the process begins to free the speakers and it does so progressively expelling a lot of water.

The process is carried out to allow the loudspeakers to work correctly and not reproduce a muffled sound that can occur after a dive.

Not only will the Apple Watch measure blood pressure in the future, it will have other interesting functions such as the ECG which has simplified the lives of many people and will improve more and more.

iPhone SE 2020 is now available in black, white and the famous RED product. You can find it here.

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