The Flash: will there be Flashpoint Batman and Cyborg?

The Flash: will there be Flashpoint Batman and Cyborg?
There is a lot of movement around the cinematic universe of the DC heroes and while we are looking forward to the release of Wonder Woman 1984 and Justice League Snyder Cut, with the filming of The Batman still not officially distributed, another project seems to have come back overbearingly in the limelight: The Flash with Ezra Miller.

In spite of the troubles, real or presumed of the actor, in fact DC and Warner Bros. would be working hard to arrive at a screenplay that could satisfy both the general public and the fans and for this reason they would have returned to change the idea of ​​adapting Flashpoint - a comic book event from 2011 - in which, thanks to the announcement of the Justice League Snyder Cut, Cyborg - played by Victor Stone - would have been reinserted as initially expected.

Not only. In fact, contacts with Jeffrey Dean Morgan would have intensified, who would return not only to play Thomas Wayne, as in Batman v Superman, but would also play the fearsome Flashpoint Batman role for which he had already expressed interest in the past.

This is of voices obviously to be taken therefore with due precautions. The Flash is scheduled for June 3, 2022 with the direction of Andy Muschietti (IT).

The first useful appointment for any official details could be DC FanDome on August 22nd.

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