The best indies for PC | September 2022

The best indies for PC | September 2022

September is the month of the restart. A little as if it were a secondary New Year, the high rhythms of the summer return to normal, you go back to school, to work, to a routine. Precisely for this September also in the videogame sector is one of the richest months of releases, and the indie genre is not an exception: this month it was difficult to choose only 10 games to be included in our list, but we are still here to recommend some of the best PC release titles.

10. Isonzo

Genre: Action, Simulation, Strategy Developer: M2H, Blackmill Games Release Date: September 13 In this FPS you can relive the First War World from the Italian front in the Alps, fighting in evocative scenarios such as mountain peaks, wild valleys and idyllic towns. Isonzo is set in the two years of conflict during which control of the homonymous river and its valley was disputed, putting you in the middle of the offensive and making you win the victory, one meter after the other.| ); }

9. Lovecraft's Untold Stories 2

Genre: Action , RPG Developer: LLC Blini Games (Fulqrum Publishing) Release Date: September 13th
In the new title, the story will continue where it left off, taking the characters on new adventures in the fight against the Unknown. You will then have to explore randomly generated areas, defend yourself against dozens of different enemies and defeat epic bosses to say the least. If you enjoyed the first chapter you will like it even more, so we couldn't not include it in the best indies for PC of September.

8. Airoheart

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, RPG Developer: Pixel Heart Studio Release Date: September 30 If you're a fan of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past you can't miss Airoheart; it is in fact an action RPG clearly inspired by the old Nintendo title, where you will have to set out on a journey to save the land of Engard from evil. There will then be dungeons full of monsters waiting for you, where you can use bombs, spells and potions to get to the end.

7. Potion Permit

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, RPG Developer: MassHive Media (PQube) Release Date: September 22 Among the most interesting indies coming out on PC in September is Potion Permit, a simulation RPG where you will be an alchemist who must take care of the health of his fellow citizens. With the help of the right tools and your cauldron you will need to diagnose the symptoms, gather the ingredients, create the right potions and treat the sick.

In addition to the simulation aspect, Potion Permit also has an adventurous side, given that during the travels to collect the ingredients you will meet very unfriendly monsters that you will have to fight. Furthermore, by developing relations with citizens you will increase your public acceptance, allowing you to improve the area, renovating its buildings and expanding its borders. If the title inspires you and you want to try it before its release, you will also find a free demo on Steam.

6. Amber City

Genre: Adventure, Casual Developer: Irisloft (Gamera Games ) Release Date: September 1 In Amber City, a 2D pixel adventure, you take on the role of a girl dressed in white who wakes up in a futuristic but strangely silent city. Taking advantage of the platforming and the powers that allow you to control the time, you will have to visit every part of the area and bring it back to life.

The work consists of nine chapters, for a total of seventy levels that you'll have to overcome using over thirty different mechanics. Each game area is connected so that you discover Amber City a little at a time, finding hidden objects such as letters and chips during the adventure, essential to bring the inhabitants of the city back to life: robots that will help you solve the problems. puzzle.

5. No Place for Bravery

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG Developer: Glitch Factory Release Date: September 22 Thorn, an old warrior consumed by decades of confrontation and violence , wanders through an unmade world in search of his daughter. This is the beginning of No Place for Bravery, a 2D top-down action RPG where you have to dodge and fight your way through brutal battles to reunite your family.

One of the most interesting aspects of ' opera, which makes it one of September's best PC indies, is that the narrative examines the role and duties of the father figure, as well as the consequences of their choices in a troubled world. The game, enriched by the personal experiences of the developers and their feelings, will make you reflect on where the obligations of a parent end, and where the primordial needs take over.

4. Circus Electrique

Genre: RPG, Strategy Developer: Zen Studios Release Date: September 6 Circus Electrique is a title where different genres converge: it's a bit of a narrative RPG, a bit of a tactical, a bit of a circus management, but definitely engaging and with a steampunk twist. Set in a Victorian London where assassins proliferate, only the bizarre circus performers have the talent to save the city.

You will then have the opportunity to command 15 characters, each with different tactical options in battle. Of course, it will be your job to recruit the most talented circus performers from around the world, in order to earn more money on shows and form the strongest teams to use in turn-based battles.

3. Serial Cleaners

Genre: Action Developer: Draw Distance (505 Games) Release Date: September 22 Have you ever wondered who cleans up the bloody mess left by the assassins after each murder? You will find out in Serial Cleaners, where you take on the role of a crime scene cleaner for the New York mafia of the 90s. As for the genre, the work is a stealth-action game with an overhead perspective, where you can alternate between four characters, each with their own style and a story to explore.

During the missions you will have to get rid of the corpses, clean every surface of blood and, of course, not get caught by anyone. You will then have to plan every move and move like a ghost, or trust your reflexes and throw yourself into chaos without getting noticed - the choice is yours. Serial Cleaners is definitely one of the most particular indies coming out on PC in September, and for this reason it deserves the third place in the ranking.

2. Metal: Hellsinger

Genre: Action Developer: The Outsiders Release Date: September 15 Another nothing short of original indie release on PC in September is Metal: Hellsinger, a rhythmic FPS where your ability to shoot to the beat of the music will make you stronger in battle. In fact, the more synchronized you are with the melody, the more intense it will become and the more destruction you will cause.

You will have the opportunity to discover an epic story told by the famous Troy Baker, eliminating hordes of demons with a sword or a wide range of firearms, each with different abilities. The graphics in this title look excellent, and each metal track has been created specifically for the game by genre icons such as Serj Tankian, Matt Heafy, Mikael Stanne and Randy Blythe.

1. Moonscars

Genre: Action Developer: Black Mermaid (Humble Games) Release Date: September 27 At the top of the September PC indie list is Moonscars, a 2D action platformer set in a pixel world where you will have to demonstrate your skills in battle and gain new powers in order to progress in the adventure. Your goal will be to find the Sculptor and uncover the mystery of his existence, but to do so you will have to learn to die and start over in a circle of trials and failures.

The choice of dark and gray colors, with only some points of red in the protagonist and in the blood, makes the pixelated kingdom of Moonscars fascinating to say the least, and at every step you can feel the desperation and anguish felt by the protagonist. As for the gameplay, this is a hack n ’slash where you will have to make the most of your sword, as well as special weapons and witchcraft powers.

This concludes our list of the best indies of the month. As usual we hope that you have found some titles that will help you face the return to the September routine, otherwise we invite you to read the previous editions of this article, where you will find other suggestions for all tastes.

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