What are Italian groups and users in Facebook's secret list of dangerous subjects

What are Italian groups and users in Facebook's secret list of dangerous subjects

The list revealed by The Intercept. there are Forza Nuova, CasaPound and their leaders, along with other far-right groups. There is also the name of Luca Traini

Post praising Luca Traini on social networks Facebook has compiled a list of about 4,000 organizations and subjects considered dangerous, whose actions have been limited or blocked on the platform, like those of those who argues. This was made public by the American news site The Intercept which released the entire 100-page document, hitherto remained confidential.

The list includes terrorist organizations, criminal groups, hate groups and individuals (also deceased). More than half of the list lists foreign terrorists, particularly Middle Eastern, South Asian and Muslim terrorists. The part that includes hate groups is instead composed largely of right-wing militias with some left-wing, anarchist or anti-government organizations.

Among the Italians we find several groups of the neo-fascist galaxy such as Casa Pound and Forza Nuova, back in the spotlight after the violence in Rome on Saturday 9 October. The Forza Nuova Facebook page was blacked out last year, while CasaPound has so far avoided the block and is still present on the social network.

Then there are the Identity Generation groups of all countries, Lotta Studentesca and Loyalty and Action, the latter recently compared to Brothers of Italy in a Fanpage investigation. And smaller and more local formations, more or less explicitly of the extreme right, such as Roma ai Romi, Rivolta Nazionale, Skinhouse Milan, Veneto Fronte Skinhead and the Varese neo-Nazi association Militant Community of the 12 Rays. Stefano and those of Forza Nuova, Roberto Fiore and Luca Castellini, together with the head of the National Revolt, Simone Crescenzi

Among the people deemed dangerous there is also the name of Luca Traini, the neo-Nazi bomber from Macerata who has become an example to emulate for other massacres and overall an important and recognized figure in the world of extremism right. He is in the same category as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Because the list was secret

Last year Facebook carried out a major cleanup of extreme groups, militias and political parties international right. The social network has been criticized for both its excessively permissive and excessively punitive application, but recently it has also been accused of lack of transparency for not having released data and details on its moderation strategy to international researchers.

A number of scholars and activists have called on the company to publish the list so that users know when they run the risk of having a post deleted or their account suspended. Facebook said it had not previously released the list because publishing too many details could compromise the effectiveness of the moderation, but also the Oversight Board, the surveillance committee created by Facebook itself had invited the social to be more transparent in its moderation of the contents. The social network has made it known that the published list is still incomplete because it is always updated.

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