10 startups that for the G20 have a solution for the challenges of the future

10 startups that for the G20 have a solution for the challenges of the future

In Sorrento, the leaders of the G20 Innovation have selected the most interesting from among one hundred innovative companies to meet the challenges of mobility, health and AI

G20 (Ipa) right partner to make the leap in quality. One hundred of the best startups in the world met in Sorrento over the weekend just ended for the G20 Innovation. Halfway between physical and digital due to Covid-19 limitations, the event was organized under the aegis of the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Technological Innovation and Economic Development.

The startups, from 22 countries, challenged each other in five key sectors: cleantech, artificial intelligence, internet of things and wearables, green and smart mobility, healthcare. Over one hundred institutional investors are also involved in the search for opportunities. Two Indonesian, two Russian, one British, one French, one Dutch, one Chinese and one Canadian startups won the final award for the best ideas. Among the Italians, Zerynth awarded in the iot and wearables category.

The strongest startups

The event also saw the Foreign Trade Agency, Cdp, at the forefront of the organization. Venture Capital sgr and Simest. Each company has had the opportunity to introduce itself to a qualified audience by telling what has been done to date. But explaining, above all, what it intends to achieve to hook up the train of the future.

In the cleantech sector, Act Balde (English, produces new generation wind turbines capable of increasing energy production up to 9%) and the Russian Biomicrogels Group (cleaning of water and hard surfaces from oils and other pollutants).

In the field of artificial intelligence, Ruangguru (Indonesia, has created an app that connects twenty million students with personalized learning paths) and Ntechlab (Russia, facial recognition) have won.

The Italian Zerynth stood out in the iot category, which creates a platform that integrates hardware and software and helps companies in the digital transition by facilitating monitoring of machinery to optimize industrial processes, energy consumption and predictive maintenance, and Poka, which creates, instead, a platform to acquire and share strategic corporate information in real time.

Dott (Netherlands, offers sustainable mobility solutions in the city) and Virtuo Technologies (dedicated to travel outside urban centers ) outperformed everyone in the smart city sector, while the competition on the future of healthcare saw the victory of Sansure Biotech (China, deals with production and ven fingers of reagents and diagnostic tools) and Nalagenetics (Indonesia, a customized prescription platform to offer accurate tests and tailor-made solutions).

It will be Indonesia itself that will take over from Italy the baton as the current president of the G20 and to organize the next G20 Innovation League. The appointment aims to become a constant on the international scene.

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