The Witcher 3 runs like hell on Steam Deck: the proof of CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3 runs like hell on Steam Deck: the proof of CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3 runs like hell on Steam Deck

We are getting closer and closer to the official launch of Steam Deck, the new portable console announced by Valve during this summer, and CD Projekt Red wanted to offer players demonstration videos of how the device manages to manage open world masterpieces such as The Witcher. 3 without problems.

Steam Deck promises to be an intriguing alternative to the PC market, bringing the entire Steam library into portability. The potential is really interesting, and for now, from what the lucky ones who have already tried the console say, it seems that the many triple A titles compatible with the hardware architecture of the device are able to run without problems. CD Projekt Red also showcased the qualities of Steam Deck by sharing test videos with The Witcher 3 on social networks.

The official Twitter account of The Witcher made its debut yesterday: “Open a take it out into the world and play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wherever you go once the Steam Deck is out! ". The life game version in the hands of the lucky CD Projekt Red tester is obviously the current-gen one, available in the Steam library. Although you cannot enjoy the latest generation of graphic and performance effects, it is impressive to see how with such a small screen in your hands you can enjoy a similar masterpiece with excellent resolution quality.

Open a portal into the world and play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wherever you go once Steam Deck is out!

Check out the footage of the current-gen version of the game running on Steam Deck 👇 / 3IdIC2zGZJ

- The Witcher (@witchergame) October 6, 2021

To be honest The Witcher 3 is already playable in portability on Nintendo Switch, but making a comparison as did the user @KFCucumber on Twitter, it seems that the terms of comparison are several from a graphic point of view, not to mention those of the performance. From what can be gleaned from the videos published by CD Projekt Red, the video game seems to run very smoothly on the Steam Deck. The impression is that the title is among those that can easily reach 60 FPS even in the most frenetic scenes and actions. As for the world of The Witcher, we remind you that the second season of the TV series with Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia will arrive in the next months on Netflix.

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CDPR Presents The Witcher 3 Footage From Steam Deck

News video games 06 October 2021, 22:13

CD Projekt RED's Twitter accounte posted a video showing how The Witcher 3 runs on Steam Deck.

As time goes on, we learn more and more about the upcoming Steam Deck console from Valve. Recently we learned the names of multiplayer games that will be supported on this platform. One hundred percent it will also be possible to run The Witcher 3 on it; CD Projekt RED decided to remind us about this fact by sharing on Twitter videos demonstrating, how the 2015 hit looks like on Valve's console.

Three videos from The Witcher 3 shared by the company are admittedly not full-fledged gameplays, but it is possible to deduce something from them. In the videos, the game seems to run smoothly, both when riding on horseback through the city, as well as fighting monsters. Controls on Steam Deck do not seem to cause major problems, but everyone will have to see for themselves.

The shipment of the first units of the console will begin in December and will include those who ordered the device early enough. Those who want to buy their console today, will have to wait until 2022 to get it.

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