The Halloween Ends storyline will take into account the COVID-19 pandemic

The Halloween Ends storyline will take into account the COVID-19 pandemic

David Gordon Green, executive producer and director of Halloween and Halloween Kills, has revealed that the infamous COVID-19 pandemic will play a pivotal role in the latest chapter of his Halloween trilogy: Halloween Ends.

According to what Green reported, the last two episodes of the series are temporally placed around 2018, both being set during the same Night of the Witches. The next chapter therefore, given that the timeline has moved on, is placed in our present, and history will have to take into account, for better or for worse, what has happened globally, a situation that has had important consequences even in the small community. of Haddonfield, where the Halloween series (which you can retrieve in its entirety via this Amazon link) is mainly set.

Halloween Ends, will not be the first story on screen, both large and small, to incorporate the COVID-19 pandemic, although, in general, it is still rare to see this fact incorporated as a sub-plot in general. South Park aired an episode called “Pandemic Special,” which showed the main cast returning to school with pandemic measures in place. Some of these examples may be Grey's Anatomy's crossover with Station 19, set during the pandemic, or Shameless, which is also expected to address COVID-19 in its final season.

The pandemic, although it has not been directly mentioned in many film and TV series plots, has certainly played the part of the "villain" in which all the "behind the scenes" of each production, causing losses, delays and, in the worst cases, actual cancellations. Halloween Kills, specifically, was scheduled for release in 2020 but, due to the pandemic, it had to postpone for more than a year.

The current trilogy is a direct sequel to the original Halloween, thus ignoring the other five films that were released before the 2018 release.

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