Spy games to feel like James Bond | The best of 2021

Spy games to feel like James Bond | The best of 2021

The highly anticipated new James Bond film has been in cinemas a few days ago, and for all lovers of the espionage genre this is certainly a magical moment of the year. The figure of 007, in fact, is one of the most popular and fascinating for several generations now, and the arrival of a new cinematic film brings with it every time its whole atmosphere that makes fans of James Bond stories so happy. br>
To fuel this flame we have decided to offer you a buying guide on the best spy games (here you will find the guide to the best stealth games) and the like that are currently on the market. Still missing a new videogame iteration dedicated to 007 (but in development at IOI Interactive), we have chosen some alternatives that will satisfy you, perhaps making you discover different nuances to the spy genre.

Spy games | The best

Dishonored Deathloop Metal Gear Solid V Blood & Truth Deus Ex Hitman


Let's start with the Dishonored saga, a series of games that manage to blend very well the atmospheres of espionage to a whole original context developed by the talented guys of Arkane. The modern merges with the magical, while Corvo Attano and his companions will have to make their way in silence to be able to discover what lies behind a series of lies that haunt the cities of this fantastic saga. In addition to the first legendary chapter, you can recover its direct sequel and the stand alone adventure Death of the Outsider.

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If you already know Arkane's stretch very well, you can't miss the newest Deathloop. The purely Bondian atmospheres are very present in this first-person title, and if you love all the charm of the most classic 007 films, in Deathloop you will be able to find many of those aspects, all mixed with a plot full of time and thematic loops. science fiction.

Metal Gear Solid V

Staying a little more grounded, but not too much, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain turns out to be one of the most suitable games for recreating many of the James Bond infiltration dynamics. In a context of guerrilla warfare in vast open maps, your task will be to complete increasingly complex missions, also clashing with mysterious characters and strange powers. In the realization of the Metal Gear saga Kojima has always taken a bit of 007, and you can see it well in every title of the brand, especially in the fifth chapter.

Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth is an exclusive title for PlayStation VR definitely less spying but full of adrenaline-pumping situations. In James Bond films there is always those situations, and those situations, in which the spy is in daring chases or in the midst of heart-pounding shootings, and with Blood & Truth you will be able to experience a whole series 100%. of adrenaline-fueled situations that will lead you to discover a plot made up of so much blood and many revelations.

Deus Ex

Let's move on to a something more special with the latest installment of the Deus Ex franchise. Although the brand has always been very focused on the freedom given to the player, in the cyberpunk series there has never been a shortage of situations to be solved with the wit of a spy.


We close with a pure stealth that, for once, puts players in the as the murderer, and what a murderer. Agent 47 is now an icon of gaming culture, and in the most recent chapters of Hitman's World of Assassins trilogy his exploits shine more than ever. Each new mission will take you around the world, taking you on a world tour worthy of the best James Bond films, and each target you have to eliminate will require a well thought out strategy to keep your tracks uncovered.

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