On Apple Music there is a playlist made entirely by deaf people

On Apple Music there is a playlist made entirely by deaf people

There are multiple ways to enjoy a song. An Apple Music initiative tells how the deaf community approaches music

An image from the film CODA, winner at the Sundance Film Festival 2021. Credit: Apple TV + There are now many initiatives that focus on social inclusion, including in the field of music. The relationship between deaf people and songs, for example, is increasingly alive, thanks to experimental projects, attention and in-depth studies. Apple Music has decided to launch a playlist curated exclusively by deaf people on its platform.

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about the relationship between deaf people and music. Proof of this is the birth of many projects such as Silent, an event of social inclusion that brought both normal hearing musicians and deaf performers to the stage. The performances, which were all about vibration, were thus dedicated to both hearing and deaf audiences. But also the novelty introduced in Sanremo 2020 with the LIS Festival, a show within the show where you can follow the event being able to understand dialogues and texts. And where you can get excited with the songs in the race.

The idea behind a launch like that of Apple Music is that you don't need to hear every note or word perfectly to be able to enjoy a song.

In fact, deaf people have many ways to approach music. Which? "Dancing, feeling the vibrations of the lows and highs on the skin or keeping the tempo that the beats create as they pass through the body," reads the launch text published on Apple Music.

The launch of this playlist arrives to celebrate the success of the original Apple TV + CODA movie. This is the remake of the French The Bélier family and has as its protagonist a girl of seventeen, the only hearing member of a family of deaf people.

The film triumphed at the last Sundance Film Festival, taking home three major awards. All telling a story of normality that has involved and moved the public.

The testimonies of some deaf people

In addition to the selection of songs (there are 173), Apple Music has also published the interventions by some collaborators of the deaf community. He asked them to tell about the ways in which they approach music.

Thus, it is possible to read the testimony of Jessica Flores, a comedian from San Francisco who chose I Got 5 on It by Luniz. "The first time I met this song I was 13 but not being able to hear the words I couldn't find out the title or the artist. Years later, this piece left at a party and my eyes lit up ». And she concludes: "Even though I couldn't hear the words again, it was really cool to still remember the feel of the beat."

Maryland performer Savannah Dahan chose Sean Forbes' Little Victories instead. «Sean is a deaf artist who makes music and I love to dance to his pieces! This has a crazy beat: it inspires me and makes me feel able to do whatever I want. "

The Apple Music playlist also features the hit Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Jacelyn Fincher, a student from Washington D.C., Selected her: "I like listening to Camila's voice: she is high-pitched and satisfies my hearing. I can clearly hear what it says since I have memorized the words by watching the music video ».

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