Metroid Dread and Age of Empires 4 are the most anticipated games of October 2021

Metroid Dread and Age of Empires 4 are the most anticipated games of October 2021

We are entering the heart of an autumn which, as usual, should bring with it several interesting innovations and an idea of ​​the quantity and variety of games coming up already emerges from the election of the most anticipated game in October 2021, which led to two results different as regards readers and editors, with the first who preferred Metroid Dread and the second who instead focused above all on Age of Empires 4, therefore two very different choices that however underline the variety of experiences that we are destined to live in the course of this videogame month. There is no doubt that these are certainly among the games of greater depth coming in the next few days, but we must not forget the presence of some real blockbusters that nevertheless seem not to have been taken into great consideration between a survey and the more.

The games voted are still of great importance, but it is interesting to see how the choices have "snubbed" some major titles such as FIFA 22, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy or Far Cry 6, for example.

Obviously these preferences have little to do with the actual affirmation on the market, in fact, but they show at least how much tastes can also go against the tide compared to the more common feeling widespread in the general public. In any case, there are very good reasons to vote for one or the other and it is a good thing that they both won: they are, moreover, highly anticipated sequels in both cases, both deriving from historical series, able to deeply mark the genre they belong to and both trying to evolve their respective series with the application of some innovations, developed over long intervals of time.

The most eagerly awaited by the editorial staff

Age of Empires 4, a scene from the game Finally, the most PCist tradition prevailed in the editorial team's vote, an element often determining in these parts. It is probably thanks to this type of lineup that Age of Empires 4 finally emerged as the most anticipated game of October 2021, albeit only at the end of a remarkable head-to-head with Metroid Dread, which ultimately finished second by very little. On the other hand, the new strategic with historical setting of Microsoft and World's Edge looks a lot to tradition, going to reconnect above all to the second chapter of the series and recovering various classic elements that have made the franchise famous, all things that stimulate more than any other. the expectations of a large part of the editorial staff. On the other hand, it is a game that has been awaited for 16 years now and for which, until recently, even hopes had been lost, so it is normal to be among the most important releases of the period.

Immediately in second position position then we find Metroid Dread, another 90 piece for this October 2021 and one of the flagship games for Nintendo Switch in the autumn season. This too represents a long-awaited return and in the most traditional form possible: the series returns to the roots of 2D platform-style action adventure, albeit built with 3D graphics.

Far Cry 6, a panorama of the island of Yara The new chapter takes up the most classic tradition of the franchise, waiting for the elusive Metroid Prime 4, which further increases expectations. In third position we find Far Cry 6, perhaps the title that fits most into the idea of ​​blockbuster for this new batch of October games. The most interesting in this case is probably the new setting and situation staged, in the face of a rather linear advancement of the Ubisoft series.

The most awaited by readers

Metroid Dread, a scene of the game that shows the classic structure of the gameplay The result of the poll released to the readers of is very clear in crowning Metroid Dread as the most anticipated game of October 2021. The thing is not surprising that much , considering that it is one of the most important games of this fall, but it also has a particular value for the return to the scenes of a historical series by Nintendo and in its more traditional form. What we have seen so far, on the other hand, seems very convincing and we hope that the final version of the game for Nintendo Switch also confirms these excellent initial impressions. The runner-up is extremely detached from Metroid Dread and it is Far Cry 6, which has collected just over half of the votes compared to the first, confirming however one of the most anticipated. The new chapter of the Ubisoft series can count on a large group of fans and will probably be among the best sellers of the period.

A short distance away, in third position we also find here Age of Empires 4, less considered by readers compared to the editorial staff but still present among the most anticipated of the month of October 2021 and beyond. The strategy in question has a somewhat limited scope from its being available on PC, but still has a significant amount of fans, gained over years and years of classic tradition, reinforced by the most recent release of the Definitive Editions of the previous chapters.

Alan Wake Remastered, a screenshot showing the graphic evolution applied to the original Outside the podium, the title that stands out the most is Alan Wake Remastered, closely followed by Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy , a new licensed production from Square Enix and Eidos Montreal which, strangely enough, doesn't seem to warm the hearts of gamers that much, waiting to see its actual impact on the market.

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