Halloween 2021 | The best Blu-Ray movies

Halloween 2021 | The best Blu-Ray movies

Halloween is very close to the night, the scariest party of the year that has finally begun to take hold in Italy for some time. Although it is not yet felt as much as it is in the United States, it is now a celebration that is slowly becoming increasingly popular also in our parts.

How will you spend next October 31st? There are so many things to do: from the classic "trick or treat" to a nice evening with friends with a nice boxed game, but also to watch a movie together with the right gloomy and gloomy atmosphere that has always characterized the night of Halloween. If you are still undecided about which one, we leave you a list of the best Blu-Ray movies to fully enjoy the scariest night of the year. Are you ready?

The best Blu-Ray movies for Halloween

Psycho Escape - Get Out The Nightmare Before Christmas Beetlejuice Pet Sematary Tremors - The Shining Collection Friday the 13th Halloween Nightmare - The Complete Collection Alien Box Set 10 Horror Movie


Let's start with a timeless classic: Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, one of the greatest horror films ever. Released in 1960, the film quickly became a cult film starring one of the best-known protagonists in the cultural horror imaginary: the young and restless Norman Bates, whose mysterious motel hides much more than you can imagine.

Escape - Get Out

Let's move on to a more recent film: Escape - Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele and released throughout the world in 2017. A disturbing film with an even political subtext, where we find the young Chris intent on meeting the parents of his girlfriend Rose: things do not go as planned, however, and the boy will find himself discovering a shocking secret from which to escape to save himself the life.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The perfect movie for Halloween but also for the Christmas holidays. The Nightmare Before Christmas is in fact an undisputed masterpiece of animation: released in 1993 and directed by Henry Selick, this animated feature quickly became part of the collective imagination as one of the best if not unique works of its kind. After all, Jack Skellington's character is one of the most iconic ever created: if you haven't seen him yet, in short, Halloween is the right occasion!


Directed by Tim Burton here is another classic starring Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Michael Keaton and a young girl Winona Ryder. Beetlejuice may be a film that has not aged very well, but it is one of those films that it is really a crime not to have seen at least once in your life. Its atmospheres and its so particular aesthetics, then, go really perfectly with those of the long-awaited Halloween night.

Pet Sematary

Based on Stephen King's best-selling novel, Pet Sematary is a 2019 film directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer which has divided the opinion of the public: while some have accused him of straying too far from King's work, many others have praised the original atmospheres for a story that still deserves to be discovered. A really interesting horror, with a cast that boasts the presence of John Lithgow and Jason Clarke among others.

Tremors - The Collection

A saga like Tremors certainly needs no introduction of any kind, and this fantastic box (available at a truly incredible price) is the perfect opportunity to recover the six films in the series in all their glory. A sci-fi horror that is truly a classic, where actors of the caliber of Kevin Bacon and Finn Carter stand out for a truly timeless work and perfect for a marathon even on Halloween night.


Another film based on a book by Stephen King, but which has managed to achieve much greater success of the literary counterpart. The Shining by Stanley Kubrick is in fact a work that we all know: a perfect cult film to make Halloween night even more scary with all the atmosphere that only the Overlook Hotel can offer. This Blu-Ray including the 4K Ultra HD Extended Edition version is the perfect opportunity to retrieve it, but also to add an interesting piece to your collection.

Friday the 13th

Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, a place that fans of horror cinema will practically know by heart: this is where you play the events of Friday the 13th, a 1980 film with Kevin Bacon and Betsy Palmer directed by director Sean S. Cunningham. A film that defined the splatter genre as we know it, as well as a true classic to see and review every Halloween night to make it even scarier.


John Carpenter is one of the most famous and beloved directors in the history of cinema, and his Halloween is an opera of cult that still today manages to excite and involve fans from all over the world. A film that is really a must watch for fans of the horror genre but not only, and over the years we have seen an endless series of remakes and sequels some very interesting. The one of 2018, directed by David Gordon Green, is one of the most appreciated by all those who love the character of the killer Michael Myers.

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Nightmare - The Complete Collection

Another round, another collection of classics. This box set contains the Nightmare saga in four Blu-Ray, here proposed in a collector's edition and at a truly unmissable price. Who doesn't know the ruthless Freddy Krueger? This is an opportunity to recover a truly cult series, those that have marked and still greatly influence the horror imagery around the world.


Could Alien be missing from a list of the best films to enjoy on Halloween night? Ridley Scott's film is a must for all cinema lovers, capable after several years of thrilling viewers all over the world again and again. For those wishing to discover the entire universe behind this saga, a fantastic limited edition box is also available: a real collector's item with 6 discs embellished with the original mini-posters, an exclusive set of postcards and the reprint of the Alien comic - The Illustrated Story.

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Box of 10 Horror Films

After all these films you still find a little undecided? Don't worry, we have what is right for you! This fantastic box set, available at a truly incredible price, includes ten horror films perfect to make Halloween night even more scary. They range from Saw to Don't open that door to Autopsy, for a collection to be discovered and able to test even the most daring spectators.

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