Far Cry 6: a journey through images

Far Cry 6: a journey through images

Far Cry 6

When a video game brings with it the words "photographic mode" and "open world", most likely our new journey through images will accompany its first days of launch. For those who do not know what we are talking about, we invite you to retrieve the previous articles (the most recent we dedicated to the first expansion of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, The Wrath of the Druids), but, basically, it is the written report and, at the at the same time, a visual of an hour inside a game world, which we explore without objectives or anything else in mind, driven only by the suggestions and atmospheres arising from the title in question. One of the most important events of this year in terms of open worlds is certainly represented by Far Cry 6, the new chapter of the beloved video game series.

Accompanied by our trusty companion Chorizo, we took Dani through the valleys agresti of Yara, controlled with an iron fist by the war forces of the feared president Antón Castillo. Here's what happened on this Far Cry 6 visual journey.


Far Cry 6: Yara at the crack of dawn As usual, our raids begin at the first light of dawn, in a moment of apparent calm. We are located at the Montero family farm. The area is particularly favorable to the "shady" rebel activities, as the rocky conformations and the small and narrow mountain canyons complicate the movement of the huge and armored troops of President Castillo, while favoring the scarce and unguarded forces of the Libertad movement.

The ground is still soaked with water, which fell during a violent storm, of which the threatening clouds in the distance suggest the recent passage. Since it is difficult to drive a vehicle on these barely beaten paths, we opt for a more agile and versatile solution: the horse.

We set out along one of the paths traced by the guerrillas of '67, the year of the legendary Yarana revolution which, however, led to critical consequences for the newborn independent country, followed, several years later, by the rise to power of a new and certainly more ferocious dictatorship.

As we plow through this path that exudes history and patriotism from every footprint marked in the ground by the hooves of our steed, we see in the distance a hill with some protrusions marked by colors of the revolution. Since it is an area that we have not had the pleasure of exploring thoroughly, we decide to climb the steep mountain path.

The summit

Far Cry 6: the mountain path traced by the guerrillas Inevitably, after a few meters, we find ourselves forced to dismount and proceed on foot. Thanks to the grappling hook, we begin to climb a steep rocky wall. Meanwhile, the sun continues to rise more and more, starting to peek out from behind some peaks barely visible on the horizon.

With difficulty, Dani manages to climb the high slope. The reward is a chest of firearms and some building materials. A meager booty, but you don't look in anyone's mouth during a rebellion.

Far Cry 6: a remarkable panorama From here on the panorama is very impressive. You can see the entire southern territory of the archipelago, enveloped in warm morning shades.

The verdant landscape is spotted here and there by small intermittent red dots. The military influence on the free Yarana population is evident even from these distances. Perhaps one cannot see the evil in his particular sign, but such a degree of infection would not be able to go unnoticed even if it were hidden in all the green of the world. After a short stop, we decide to get back on the road, towards who knows what destination.

Assault on the convoy

Far Cry 6: rapid descent with wingsuit Descending the slope using our wingsuit, we notice a state road. As fascinated as the paths of the old national liberation movement are, you don't make a revolution by being hidden in the underbrush: sooner or later you have to come out into the open. We notice a small and agile van left unattended on the side of the road. Without thinking twice, we jump into the saddle and start walking along the road, with little traffic at this time of the morning.

Turning a bend, we spot a military convoy. We accelerate. In a few seconds we are able to join the truck, a colossus compared to our small scooter. However, like the new David against Goliath, we take a Molotov cocktail and throw it at the hood of the vehicle. The driver, taken by surprise, begins to skid. While the military vehicle is on fire, we take the gun and hit the driver in the head. He collapses on the steering wheel, now moved only by the weight of his lifeless body. The truck veers abruptly to the right and ends up off the road, into a tree.

Far Cry 6: assault on a military convoy The impact helps to trigger a thunderous explosion, audible from several kilometers away. As the devastation echoes at the edge of the road, we move nimbly between the two armored escort trucks that have begun to target us. To avoid being trapped in a hail of bullets, we decide to leave the battlefield. A real guerrilla-style raid.

A little further on, we stumble upon an outpost liberated and secured by the soldiers of the Libertad movement. Here, an ally kindly provides us with information regarding a tobacco field under the control of Castillo's forces. Without thinking twice, we hurl ourselves in the direction of danger.

Tobacco and flames

Far Cry 6: the dying militiaman Arriving on the spot, the situation is immediately clear: the only tactical advantage we have is stealth. Then, we take up our trusty MS16 S, finely modified and equipped with a nice American suppressor (not the best, but still effective for the job we have to do) we enter the lair of the wolf.

Given that visibility is low, we must proceed slowly, detecting the enemies in a discontinuous way, as we advance in the compromised area. One blow to the head after another, we manage to defeat the armed forces of the western part. Since, however, it seems a bit too easy to us, we decide to attract attention by throwing two Molotov cocktails in as many tobacco fields.

Far Cry 6: Castillo's "poison" spread in a tobacco field The fire flares up quickly, which immediately sends the gusts of an agricultural plane, adequately equipped by El Presidente's engineers, crashing down on us. We begin to respond to the fire, when even from the ground they become aware of our hostile presence. As Castillo's militia fails to counter the unstoppable Dani, a lieutenant (well hidden and protected from enemy fire) calls for reinforcements, who are not long in coming.

An assault helicopter reaches ours position, unloading some special forces members while performing effective cover fire work thanks to its large-caliber machine guns. Despite this, we do not struggle to hit the pilot with a well-placed shot. Out of control, the helicopter crashes to the ground, right above the newly landed special forces.

Far Cry 6: helicopters are often the easiest target to shoot down In a short time, we manage to contain the "damage" , restoring peace and tranquility inside the farm conquered by the army. The owner, to thank us, points out a further point of interest: the position of a large enemy base, fundamental for the liberation of the region from the yoke of dictatorship.

The revolutionary wave

Far Cry 6: a world far in time Along the way to the enemy fortress, we pass through a small town. It seems to have taken a leap back in time, the fault of the embargo that literally closed the island in a time bubble. Having come out of this sort of lucid dream, we approach the outpost.

We find ourselves in front of a large factory sunken in a sort of hollow: every sniper's paradise. Among the many strategic points, we have chosen to climb a metal structure, evidently marked by time.

Far Cry 6: an easy outpost to conquer The tactical advantage is ours. However, they did not calculate an unknown: Chorizo. The adorable little dog can be a real pain in the ass at times, especially when he alerts his enemies as he tries to reach Dani. In seconds, the entire outpost comes alive. Fortunately, our position allows us to immediately disable both alarms, so as to avoid new unwelcome acquaintances.

As trained and specialized as they may be, Castillo's men move like frightened chickens, which is what it is to our advantage, as they are constantly exposed to our fire. The soldiers fall like leaves in the wind.

Far Cry 6: a good position for a sniper Victory seems to be ours, when we hear the poor Chorizo ​​yelp, wounded by the blows of a very avid blaster. Against all guerrilla rules, we leave the advantageous position and launch ourselves with the parachute towards our companion in adventure. Between a shot from a rifle and a blow from a machete, we reach the little dog and revive him as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, the small enemy contingent has managed to surround us. We quickly seek shelter; the inside of the factory seems to be the only safe place at the moment. With a click, we rush into the building. From here, it's easy enough to get around the enemy. Indeed, one after the other, the militiamen fall under our fire, unaware of who or what hit them.

Far Cry 6: the enemies fall like leaves in the wind Calm the waters, our revolutionary friends they join us, carrying with them the symbols and the effigies of the armed revolt against the dictatorship of Antón Castillo.

Although it may seem to have conquered only a pile of battered and yellowed bricks, no victory should be underestimated, great or small: that's enough to turn the tiniest of drops into a river.

Far Cry 6: Yara's liberation starts from the flames of revolution This was our journey through images of Far Cry 6. We hope you enjoyed your reading. If you want, feel free to share in the comments the best shots you have captured during your adventures around Yara.

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