Esports are a 45 million euro business in Italy

Esports are a 45 million euro business in Italy

There are 30 million direct investments and over 15 million in related industries. Opportunities in the field of sponsorships and new professions

(Photo: Ea) From shooters to battle royale, from real-time strategy to car racing: these are just some genres of video games that every day give hours of fun to fans of all of Italy, but their effect is not all here. This is explained by a research on the export world presented during Round One, the event dedicated to companies active in the sector: the economic impact generated by electronic sports in Italy, for the creation of jobs and business, amounts to 45-47 million. euro, of which 30 million directly and over 15 million indirect.

This is the estimate elaborated for the first time by Nielsen in the Landscape report of the esports sector in Italy, commissioned by Iidea (Italian Interactive & Digital Entertainment Association), the trade association of the video game industry in Italy, and the consulting firm Ninetynine. Considering the direct impact, i.e. related to employment in the sector, 65% (20.4 million euros) is achieved by esports teams, followed by organizers with 16% (5.1 million) and publishers with 4 % (1.1 million). The remaining 15% (5 million euros) comes from companies that, for example, supply dedicated rooms or hardware manufacturers, developers and others.

Publishers, on the other hand, contribute most to the indirect economic impact generated by all expenses related to the world of exports, accounting for 80% (about 12 million euros) of the total. 11% is attributable to the teams, 7% to the organizers and the remaining 2% to other companies. In various ways, the main categories of expenditure may concern from marketing to travel and accommodation, from external personnel to the purchase or rental of instruments, up to the financial, administrative and legal fields.

The integrated survey with data processed by Nielsen Sports, it was conducted between teams, organizers, publishers and other operators. The portrait of the sector is that of a new medium and an entertainment platform with greater capacity to engage users than traditional media. Esports offer, according to the operators interviewed by the research, attractive sponsorship opportunities also for non-endemic brands, that is external to this sector, and the possibility of creating new specialized skills as well as professional opportunities. On the other hand, the obstacles include the absence of incentives or economic concessions from the institutions, the difficulty in finding ready-made figures with vertical skills and the technological gap in terms of infrastructures and networks between the various areas of the country.

A sector characterized by the high productivity of its resources, according to Tommaso Mattei, consultant responsible for Europe at Nielsen Sports & Entertainment: "Also considering the continuous growth of the fanbase, it is increasingly urgent to be able to define a common path together to institutions and individuals to overcome the technological and regulatory criticalities that are holding back their further industrial and employment development ".

The audience following an esports event several times a week is made up of 1.62 million people, according to the latest report on esports in Italy published by Iidea. "The research presented today shows how the esports sector in Italy deserves to be taken into consideration as an area of ​​possible investment by both the private and the public for its growth potential", concludes Marco Saletta, president of Iidea.

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