Enel X, Augusto Raggi: incentives are not enough for electric mobility

Enel X, Augusto Raggi: incentives are not enough for electric mobility

Enel X, Augusto Raggi

There are now a lot of car manufacturers that have started electrification strategies for their vehicle ranges. On the occasion of the MotoE, the head of Enel X Italy, Augusto Raggi, expressed what he thought would be the appropriate plans to increase the diffusion of the electric car, to complement the incentives. These are, in fact, considered essential to accompany the growth of new technology, but they may not be the only solution. Not surprisingly, the transition to electric mobility will lead the automotive world to a decisive and radical development of the sector.

Not having foreseen anything in the NRP was certainly a missed opportunity. But I say one strong thing: incentives are needed, they are very useful to accompany the growth of a new technology, but they are not everything. Even without a bonus, the die is cast. The electric is already reality and everything goes in this direction. The concessions drastically reduce adoption times, it is true, but the way is already evident to everyone in any case. Now it will be essential to clarify the sums that can be made available and the timing, but there are other aspects that are at least equally important.

It is also necessary to create a capillary charging network by providing users who approach electric cars with a fast infrastructure. Subsequently, it would be very useful to press the accelerator on the topic of power, so as to cover various points with multiple stations, build high-power charging stations both in built-up areas and outside the city.

There is a big problem all over Italy linked to the bureaucracy that throttles the permitting for the new columns. For example: in Rome we made a proposal to install 600 columns and in the end only 250 were authorized. And to feed those authorized, after the OK from the Municipality, you have to wait for the one from the Municipality, which in practice is a Municipality within a Municipality. The central government must do something. The moral suasion unfortunately is useless, we need the laws, otherwise nothing moves. We have seen what has been done with the Green Pass. We should have an equally resolute approach.

At the center of the speech of the head of Enel X also the motorway charging network which, despite having improved in the last period thanks to the new Aspi plan, inevitably requires a lot of work.

For the Italy is a big problem being so behind on the infrastructure of the highways. There are some positive signs but they are still too shy. More courage is needed and we wish Aiscat a step forward. Aspi's move could be an example that others will follow, but here too we need a clear direction from the government.

The same also stressed the importance of bringing domestic rates as close to public rates as possible. In this regard, he said:

The motorist cannot find himself having such different prices in relation to where he recharges. In this initial phase it would be important to have more uniformity, more clarity and more recognition, so as not to confuse people. In a second moment, it could be useful to take advantage of price signals, perhaps to induce reloading in the evening, when it has less impact on the system. But now we should try to make things simpler and easier to understand.

E-mobility: Enel X electrifies Leroy Merlin sales points in Italy

Rome, September 22nd, 2021 - A new push for the spread of sustainable mobility in Italy thanks to the renewed partnership between Enel X and Leroy Merlin, the leading multi-specialist company in large-scale distribution in home improvement. The objective of the two companies is to electrify at least 10 additional Leroy Merlin stores with Enel X's fast and ultrafast charging technologies, a new element that is part of the synergy which started in 2019, leading to the installation of about 20 charging infrastructures of Enel's global business line in 10 Leroy Merlin sales points in the country.

'The partnership with Leroy Merlin confirms the importance for Enel X of collaborating with the most important companies in the country that share the vision of zero-emission mobility,' said Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia. 'We will intervene by electrifying the customer's stores with fast and ultrafast charging solutions that will guarantee those who drive an electric vehicle quick times to fill up with energy in an easy and safe way. This is an essential service to ensure a customer experience that makes people understand how successful the decision to switch from traditional to electric mobility is.'

'We were among the first large-scale distribution companies in Italy to believe in sustainable mobility and today we are proud to take our partnership with Enel X to an even higher level of efficiency and performance. With a widespread presence throughout Italy, thanks to our 50 points sale, we can offer an innovative service to all citizens, contributing in a concrete way to the spread of electricity in Italy,' said Mauro Carchidio, Leroy Merlin Italia's Director of Real Estate and Sustainable Development.

The charging infrastructures that Enel X will install will be the JuicePumps, fast stations of 50 kW and the JuicePumps Ultra, ultrafast stations with a power of up to 300 kW that will allow electric vehicles a fast and safe charging experience. Of the new Leroy Merlin stores involved in the agreement, in addition to the 10 stores already electrified with Juice Pole and JuicePump, at least two will have JuicePumps Ultra. The agreement also provides for the possibility of implementing future collaborations and the installation of new charging technologies such as JuiceMedia, which integrates the charging of electric vehicles with the passage of multimedia messages. The completion of the project is expected by 2022 with the coverage of the service extended to all Leroy Merlin stores in Italy involved in the project. All charging stations will be interoperable and monitored with the most advanced information technologies for remote control and management (“Electric Mobility Management”) and capable of responding to the current and future needs of advanced and sustainable urban mobility.

Interoperability is particularly important for owners of an electric vehicle because it allows recharging regardless of the sales company with which the contract was signed. Enel X, which will also take care of infrastructure maintenance, will also make available to customers who use the charging stations installed in the Leroy Merlin stores the Enel X JuicePass App, the innovative digital solution that allows you to recharge your vehicle simply using the App or the associated card. Thanks to this partnership, Leroy Merlin Italia is one of the first chains in the home segment in Italy to be equipped with public recharging points, affirming its commitment to innovation and the role of pioneer in large-scale distribution towards issues related to environment and sustainability.

Enel X is the Enel Group's global business line that offers services that accelerate innovation and guide the energy transition. World leader in the sector of advanced energy solutions, Enel X manages services such as demand response for approximately 7.4 GW of total capacity globally and 137 MW of storage capacity installed worldwide, as well as over 232,000 charging points for electric vehicles made available worldwide1. Through its advanced solutions, including energy management, financial services and electric mobility, Enel X provides each partner with an intuitive and personalized ecosystem of technological platforms and consulting services, focused on the principles of sustainability and the circular economy in order to provide people, communities, institutions and companies with an alternative model that respects the environment and integrates technological innovation into daily life. Each solution has the power to transform the goals of decarbonization, electrification and digitalization into sustainable actions for all, in order to build together a more sustainable and efficient world.

1 Public and private charging points. Includes points of interoperability.

About Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a multi-specialist company that offers the opportunity to improve your home by offering complete solutions of products and services. Having arrived in Italy in 1996, Leroy Merlin currently has 50 points of sale throughout the country with a turnover of over 1.64 billion euros. It employs more than 7,500 employees, 99% of whom are shareholders of the Group itself. Leroy Merlin believes that every person has the right to their ideal home and works to redevelop the homes of people in difficulty, because a better home makes life better. For information on the company www.leroymerlin.it

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