Diablo 2: Resurrected: Survey ended - That's how you judged!

Diablo 2: Resurrected: Survey ended - That's how you judged!

Diablo 2

There is hardly another remaster that was so longed for as Diablo 2: Resurrected. The new edition finally makes Blizzard's cult game fit again for a new generation: With chic 3D graphics, gamepad support and a few nice comfort features, you get the best version of Diablo 2 here - on all platforms. But while some fans cheer, other buyers are disappointed with the revamped classic. For some, the remaster is just right, for others it simply doesn't go far enough. That's why we started a small survey shortly after the release, in which we wanted to know from you what you think about the new edition. More than 2,400 people took part and revealed what they like about the game, what they criticize and what they want for the future of Diablo 2: Resurrected. Here are the results!

Question 1: Where will you play Diablo 2: Resurrected?

Not surprisingly: Most of our readers play Diablo 2 on their PC. Source: PC Games First of all, of course, we wanted to know whether and on which platform you would be gambling. More than 70 percent named the PC here, which is no wonder considering our name - after all, PC gamers make up a large part of our readership. Nevertheless, almost ten percent indicated the PS5 as their platform of choice, the rest is spread across the other consoles. Only around 7 percent also say that they don't want to play it at all, which means that most of the participants really wanted to play the game at the time of the survey.

Question 2: Did you play the original Diablo 2?

Most of the respondents are very familiar with Diablo 2. Source: PC Games We also asked about your previous knowledge, the result: Almost 60 percent of the participants have already played the original Diablo 2 up and down. Another 30 percent say they played Diablo 2, but not as intensely as a hardcore gamer. Just under 10 percent of those surveyed do not even know the original, that is: With Resurrected they are experiencing Diablo 2 for the very first time.

Question 3: Which innovations do you like best?

New 3D graphics, comfort improvements and the loot box are your clear favorites. Source: PC Games Now it's down to the nitty-gritty: We wanted to know from you which innovations you like best in the remaster (multiple answers possible). With around 80 percent, the completely new 3D graphics are clearly in first place, so the modern graphics upgrade is very popular with most of you. We also like the fact that you can switch to the original 2D graphics at any time. It is only in direct comparison that you notice how carefully the style of the original is captured. More than half of all respondents also find the comfort improvements particularly important, for example the automatic gold collection or the item comparison in the inventory. Such small upgrades significantly enhance the outdated gaming experience.

Even the few comfort improvements significantly enhance the gaming experience. Source: PC Games

In third place follows the much larger loot box, which offers much more storage space for collected treasures. Particularly nice: For the first time, the box can also be used as a "shared stash" for all characters on an account. That finally makes the cumbersome Mule characters of the past superfluous. 40 percent of you also praise the cutscenes, which were rendered from scratch, but reflect the original 1: 1 in terms of content. The sound and voice output were also taken from the original game almost unchanged.

A good quarter of those surveyed also emphasized the new gamepad control, which provides a much more grippy feel to the game. Just as popular is the new detailed view for the passive character values, which finally provides significantly more information about your character.

Question 4: What bothers you most in Diablo 2: Resurrected?

The small inventory has been causing divided opinions for 20 years. Source: PC Games In terms of criticism, the result is much broader. First and foremost is the inventory, which around 40 percent of you consider to be too small. As was the case 21 years ago, the same applies to the remaster: You often have to travel to the city via the Town Portal to sell your stuff, which keeps interrupting the flow of the game.

37 percent are also bothered by the fact that you Cannot stack runes and gemstones, which takes up a lot of space in the loot box and also makes crafting via Horadrim cubes unnecessarily cumbersome. 32 percent are annoyed that you are not allowed to use the new skills bar with the mouse and keyboard. An absolutely understandable criticism that we have already expressed several times. The new skills bar represents a clear added value for gamepad players, if only because it allows you to use talents without annoying switching through.

Another view of question 4, this time with the number of votes per answer. Source: PC Games More than a quarter complained that rune words and other content from the endgame were basically not explained at all. About 23 percent also criticize the loot system, which also has to get by in the remaster without a loot filter. Also under criticism: The shared loot in multiplayer, to which every player present has access. A fifth of all respondents are bothered by old, unfixed bugs and miss new content such as additional monsters, items or quests. There is actually no fresh content in Resurrected, you really get the old, almost unchanged Diablo 2 here. However, Blizzard has also announced the new edition in exactly the same way; So you knew what you were getting yourself into.

Despite the larger loot box, many of you want stackable runes and gemstones. Source: PC Games

Question 5: Your wish-list - what should Blizzard change or improve in the future?

Your wish list is long. Top of the list: stackable runes and gems. Source: PC Games With our penultimate question, you could make a wish: In which areas does Blizzard have to change or improve the game in the future? The clear answer: almost 52 percent would like stackable runes and gemstones. No wonder, especially with the gamepad, the constant moving and sorting of the stones is a real test of patience. 37 percent also want their own, personalized loot to be dropped in multiplayer that no one can snatch from under your nose. Whether this feature will ever come is questionable, however, because it would have a direct impact on trade and the game economy. (On the other hand, the unsafe item trade, in which items are sold at exorbitant prices, has always been a thorn in the side of Blizzard.)


Diablo 2: Resurrected: PC vs. Nintendo Switch loadVideoPlayer ('84471', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1380626, false, 277198, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); A whopping 36 percent of you would like an in-game glossary for runic words. Just like in the past, you have to rely on forums and fan pages again if you want to use rune words effectively. A similar number of survey participants would also like a skills bar for mouse-keyboard control on the PC. We assume that Blizzard will patch the function in the foreseeable future, because actually nothing speaks against it. On the other hand, it looks completely different with your own inventory for charms, i.e. an extra storage space for all the magic that clogs your backpack over time. Almost a third of you would like it, but we believe that Blizzard will make improvements here is unlikely, as it would mean a deeper intervention in the balancing Deletion) of the untimely endurance mechanics, which provide annoying breaks, especially at lower levels. After all: with more vitality, the stamina value also increases, so after a while endurance fades further and further into the background. Many participants would also like a better explanation in the game for the "Respeccen", ie the redistribution of attribute and ability points. What is not mentioned at all: There is also the possibility of producing special items using Horadrim cube, which allow a complete respec. You still have to look for the details on the Internet.

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Question 6: How would you rate the game?

And that brings us to the last question, which revolves around your rating: We wanted to know how many stars you would give the new edition, on a scale from one to 10. The result: Around 16 percent of you would give a solid 7 stars, 26 percent voted for 8 stars. 18 percent would even pull out 9 and a tenth would have been smooth tt knocked out the highest rating. The rest of the respondents are for six stars or less. This results in an average of 7.0 in the end, so a smooth 70s rating for the remaster. Surprisingly little when you consider how important the game is to its community to this day.

Almost 2,500 players have voted: This is your average rating for Diablo 2: Resurrected. Source: PC Games As a reminder: Almost 60 percent of the respondents indicated that they had played Diablo 2 intensively. So there are a lot of fans there. Nevertheless, some wishes seem to remain unfulfilled in the remaster, especially comfort improvements are mentioned that affect inventory and loot - changes that would undoubtedly come at the expense of the old feel. Blizzard had actually categorically ruled out such adjustments. A mistake?


At the same time, the survey also shows that Diablo 2: Resurrected, despite everything, has become a good remaster that does a lot of things right. The gameplay may not be brand new anymore, but the fact that after 21 years it is still so much fun and evokes so much emotions really only underlines what an exceptional game Diablo 2 has always been - and probably always will be. Now time will tell whether Blizzard is still tweaking a few game elements and adding more comfort, or whether you just leave the game as it is - even if that means in the end that Diablo 2: Resurrected will soon only be from is played by the sworn fans who have also remained loyal to the original. Whether one can still speak of a success is another matter.

Do you agree with the results of this survey? What surprised you, where would you have voted differently? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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