Best eSports Casino Games – Top Slots With Video Games Themes

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Playing video games has gone from being a hobby to a legitimate career path. You can stream games, create YouTube videos, or go pro and play on eSports tournaments. Today, players spend thousands to get a quality coach in order to become better at certain games so that they can join a team and play in the tournament. This all means that eSports has become a trend and there is a big audience that loves these events.


As a result, casinos are trying to advertise their content to eSports fans, and they do so by hosting the events or by making slots that resemble some of the famous competitive games. So, let’s see what are some of the most popular slots that were inspired by eSports.  

Champion Arena

The name might sound generic, but you will immediately recognize which game inspired this slot. The symbols, the interface, and even the font used strongly resemble Apex Legends. This is so much more than a cheap knock off though. The game is actually really good, as you can get wild and scatter symbols on all 5 reels.  Moreover, both of these symbols get a neat boost during a free spin bonus and you can also get a 20x multiplier if you combine symbols that make up a whole character (which resembles the playable character from Apex Legend).

CounterPunch Pro

You can already guess which game inspired this one just by looking at its name. The symbols here are basically items from one of the most popular eSports titles CS: GO. The bonus round is also amazing, as you need to cut the wire from an explosive device, and if you cut the right one you will get a massive multiplier. Given how eSports are really popular in South Korea, maybe you can find these slots by playing at one of the Korean Online Casino platforms that require a small deposit. You are also likely to get free spins after this deposit and you might be able to use them on one of these slots.

Deadly Combat

This is really one of the best-realized slots that were inspired by a video game. It’s clearly inspired by Mortal Kombat and even the symbols used to feature the characters from that game and their abilities. For example, Shang Tsung who can transform into any fighter is a wild symbol, Sub Zero will create an ice clone and duplicate itself on an adjacent reel. It’s really creative and you should try and find it on one of the 5 dollar deposit casinos that possibly offer free spins or other bonuses after you make an initial deposit. Any Mortal Kombat fan who loves slots should check out Deadly Combat. 


Treasure Craft

If you love the Warcraft franchise then you will be glad to hear that there is a slot inspired by it as well. It’s called Treasure Craft and it is unique in a way. One thing that’s become synonymous with World of Warcraft is grinding, and this slot actually captures that experience perfectly. Instead of 20 or 25 winning patterns, there are 40 winning lines here. Meaning, you are more likely to win something but the reward will be lower in value, in other words, just like grinding. The symbols will also appear familiar as you are going to see Gul’Dan, Jaina Proudmore, Sylvanas, and Malfurion.

Secret Shop

Finally, we have a secret shop that is inspired by Dota 2. If you ever played Dota you know there is a hidden vendor on the map that you need to go to in order to acquire ingredients for your ultimate items. So, these magical wares are actually symbols in this slot game. This one has 6 reels and 3 lines and if you get the same symbol across 6 reels you can look forward to some crazy payouts. 


So, these were some of the online slot games inspired by eSports titles. There are lots more, or just those that are inspired by famous franchises like Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, etc. If you love these triple-A releases and you love to gamble, then make sure to check out the slots we listed here. They are not just cheap re-skins or weak imitations, it’s clear that the teams who worked on them actually love the source material.

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