Mass Effect Legendary Edition - People Whisper ...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition - People Whisper ...

In recent days, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has finally arrived on the market, to the delight of many fans, old and new, eager to return to live or discover the adventures of Commander Shepard and his crew. The remastered trilogy of BioWare's masterpiece has divided a lot, with critics who have welcomed it but a slice of the public that seems not to have been persuaded by the offer, thanks to the price considered excessive by some, a series of missed optimizations and some bugs too many, even if the developer has already run for cover with corrective patches. However, despite the epic nature of the original work, there was no lack of negative judgments about it from our readers. Let's see together why.

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American nerd science fiction?

Let's start our journey among the comments hottest reserved for BioWare games below our review, with the user The great ones who immediately negates the trilogy: "I never liked science fiction as an American nerd. And with this port, they absolutely do not make me want to play it for the first time ". -Oswald, for example, writes that he is "never interested" in this remastered, while against The Bold. is "One of the greatest videogame masterpieces of all time, as well as my favorite saga ever. Credible universe, fascinating characters, layered and exciting story, but above all, a protagonist who leaves his mark".

Percival86 meanwhile has no doubts: "Surely as soon as the price drops, I'll take it, a saga that I loved and that, like few others, gave me great emotions, a beautiful action rpg as they no longer do would come to me. to say with bitterness, immense lore, every character, every single species, every little detail has its own explanation within the game, nothing is left to chance ". Very satisfied also Exetr3in, who considers the trilogy well aged and in fact writes: "I really appreciated the rejuvenation on the shootings of the first and the access to all the weapons for all the classes".

And again: "A pity that for one x with the performance mode it drops in frame rate from time to time and there is a bit of tearing but nothing serious, but I expected more. I had forgotten how the dialogues were well written, listening to the speeches with the companions or even just the people on the citadel is a pleasure ". PassoSacciato is instead critical, and in fact says: "I understand the hype but after finally being able to see several uncut gameplay videos on youtube (I had to wait for the game to come out, who knows why Bioware hadn't released even one before the game was released ) I could see that much more could be done on this reissue ".

Better to get drunk at the bar

AlwaysWrong is also critical, but in this case in particular on the fact that" the version physics of the game includes 2 DISCS? IN 2021 ?? ON SERIOUS ??? Which then, by the way, ME2 and ME3 downloaded them to me as a patch, so what is the second disc for? he tells me that I have to insert disk 1 first and then nothing happens, the game just starts and nothing happens. Can anyone tell me how to use or what is this blessed disk 2 for? ". The "problem" of πŸ†ƒπŸ…·πŸ…΄ πŸ…½πŸ…ΈπŸ…·πŸ…ΈπŸ…»πŸ…ΈπŸ†‚πŸ†ƒ is different, he is undecided whether or not to spend 59 euros to buy this edition, considering that he has finished the originals several times: "you play long games, but the fact is that I have already played them, it is difficult to find someone who has not done so I think ... it is a fair price for what it offers but not if you have already played it, I do not know are 3 good hangover at the bar with that money ... ".

As always, the controversy surrounding the final grade of our review is inevitable. "I honestly do not understand the review that rewards the remastered at the end, for me such a job barely reaches enough, the homework was done to slightly raise the presentation especially of the first chapter", writes R3LOAD in this sense. "The AI ​​remains embarrassing in all three games, the animations continue to be bad, the changes made in the first chapter are only marginal and in the following games practically non-existent. An absolutely useless collection that has the only (not) merit of to group all the dlc in a single package sold at full price as if it were a new game ".

But Simtek Ford doesn't like it and counters: "You are raging on this remastered for every news for no reason. IT'S NOT A REMAKE good god, if you have to criticize it every time then you should criticize every most holy remastered of every game. The AI ​​is not at all embarrassing, the animations are the only ones to have aged badly and the improvements are drastic on the first title that by now had become unplayable. The collection is very good because before releasing the new Mass Effect they want to attract the public with this trilogy. You're just off track! ". But this is not enough to convince Ahriman, who comments: "I've never played it but I can't stand sloppy jobs, a similar saga deserved a real remake 14 years later".

You noticed mistakes ?

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