Garden sprinklers | The best of 2021

Garden sprinklers | The best of 2021

After having reported the best lawn mowers and the best lawn trimmers, it's time to focus once again on how to take care of your garden, dedicating an article to another device that can save us time, effort and water. We are talking about sprinklers, ie automated machines designed to dispense water over large areas, whose goal is to replace manual watering.

The advantages offered by a sprinkler are not limited to simple automated watering, since the latter will be much more effective than manual watering, thanks to a system capable of irrigating each area of ​​the garden in a homogeneous way which, in the long run, also translates into a considerable saving of water. A tool, therefore, recommended above all for owners of large gardens, but which can also be useful for those who simply want to have a system capable of taking care of your green area with minimal effort.

Read also : Lawnmower | The best of 2021 Before discovering which are the best sprinklers, it is good to know that there are outdoor and retractable sprinklers. The former, also called above ground or surface, have the characteristic of being placed above the ground and be moved as desired, while the latter are more sophisticated, since they will need to be installed underground, the mechanism of which will then raise them only when serves. Furthermore, the retractable models tend to perform better than the surface ones, but we leave the advice on which type of sprinklers to buy in the second part of this article.

The best sprinklers

Gruntek - Surface mounted with pole Relaxdays - Surface mounted with pole Xddias - Rotating surface Hunter PGJ - Concealed Rain Bird - Concealed

Gruntek - Surface mounted with bollard

Gruntek's solution is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens, since its range reaches up to 12 meters. The lower part has a metal stake, useful for making sure that the sprinkler remains stable even when used at maximum power. This specific model boasts 6 spray modes, which will allow you to water the garden according to your preferences. Moreover, having the automatic rotation, you will benefit from a 360 ° watering, without the need to move it to reach the side and rear areas.

Relaxdays - Surface mounted with pole

The Relaxdays solution is very similar to the previous one, but has a range of up to 15 meters, which means that it can cover an area of ​​700 square meters. Just like the previous model, it is positioned in the ground via a metal stake, which ensures good stability during the largest sprays, as well as being durable in the long run. The uniformity of watering is guaranteed by the circular sprinkler which, if desired, can be transformed to irrigate specific sectors of the garden.

Xddias - Rotating surface

Unlike the previous sprinklers, the Xddias solution does not fit under the ground, but is rests on the surface, making moving from one area to another even easier. The range of action reaches 15 meters, while the automatic prinkler will be responsible for ensuring uniform irrigation, which can be extended by connecting 2 or more irrigation systems. Given the ease of use, this specific model could also be used as a form of family fun.

Hunter PGJ - Concealed

If you want to equip your garden with an irrigation system visible only during use, the Hunter's solution is among the most recommended. The retractable system, in fact, will release the sprinkler head only when the water pressure arrives. The range of this model reaches 11 meters and it is worth underlining the presence of 4 sprinklers in the package, which will help you to expand the range of action without additional costs.

Rain Bird - Concealed

To complete our guide dedicated to the best sprinklers, we could not fail to include the Rain Bird concealed solution, which boasts a range of over 13 meters and a pressure higher than 4 bar. Robust and suitable for both commercial and residential green areas, it is an excellent remedy for those who intend to install an invisible irrigation system.

How choose a sprinkler

And here we are in the final part of this article, that is the one in which we explain how to choose a good sprinkler. As with almost any type of product, the type plays a decisive role during the purchase and the same also applies to sprinklers, since buying an excellent model but not suitable for your garden could mean an unnecessary expense. and waste of time.


Typology, therefore, is the first factor to consider when purchasing a sprinkler, since there are surface and retractable models. Although they have different characteristics, we can say that the choice depends almost exclusively on your preferences. However, for those who intend or are obliged to place the sprinkler in the center of the garden, it is recommended to rely on a surface solution, since the latter usually boast a rotatable s prinkler, useful for obtaining uniform irrigation at 360 °. In other words, thanks to an automated system, your garden will be watered in every area, without the need to move the sprinkler.

A retractable sprinkler is recommended, on the other hand, for those who prefer to hide the irrigation system but, usually, have the characteristic of presenting a fixed s prinkler, that is, they spray the water in a certain direction, forcing you to place it in a specific point, for example at the edge of the garden with the head facing the center. In addition, a retractable sprinkler is fixed, since it will need to be installed below the ground surface.


Although it is difficult to find a retractable sprinkler with a rotatable s prinkler, our advice is to focus on the latter, since they offer homogeneous irrigation throughout the garden, saving you the trouble of positioning. It is much easier, however, to buy a surface sprinkler with automatic rotation, but you need to check that the model actually has this feature and that it is not limited to an opening of less than 360 °.

Flow rate

A good flow rate is essential for the sprinkler to be effective, especially if you have a medium or large garden. However, a good sprinkler should be able to achieve a range of at least 10 meters, regardless of which type you are considering.

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