Hood: Outlaws & Legends, everything we know about the game

Hood: Outlaws & Legends, everything we know about the game


Hood: Outlaws & Legends, a multiplayer PvPvE title from Sumo Digital and published by Focus Entertainment, will debut on the market on May 10th. Those who pre-ordered the game, however, will be able to get their hands on the title three days in advance. In view of the release, therefore, we have decided to offer you a general overview of the playful offer of the product to be ready for launch. Let's see everything we know about the game.

Robin Hood and Resident Evil

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: The Menacing Sheriff With the acquisition of CCP Newcastle by Sumo Digital and the consequent creation of the Sumo Newcastle studio in 2018, all the ongoing projects of the former studio based in the English city, were re-discussed in light of the entry to be part of a new reality. One of these projects, still in an embryonic state, was merged with a script initially discarded by Sumo Shefield. The game was supposed to be a cooperative dark fantasy version of Robin Hood, in which the player would still follow the philosophy of "stealing from the rich to give to the poor". The idea, original and intriguing, led Sumo Digital to confirm the project, inserting changes, however, assigning it to the newborn Sumo Newcastle. The genesis of the project, the inclusion of elements inspired by well-known exponents of the cooperative and competitive online genre, meant that from the ashes of two projects was born Hood: Outlaws & Legends, a very intriguing title that could be one of the surprises of this May videogame.

At the base of the playful infrastructure there is therefore a multiplayer heist game in which two teams must essentially grab the treasure chest before the other, in a war between rival gangs of benefactors against the people. To make things more complex, however, there is the inclusion of a component not controlled by users to guard the battle zone. Robin Hood was in fact famous for his rivalry with the Sheriff of Nottingham and the King's men and within the game this element will be reproduced by the soldiers and the Sheriff who will preside over the playing area and the chest. The figure of the Sheriff is then a tribute by Sumo Newcastle to Mr. X and the Tyrants of Resident Evil, not only for its ability to annihilate the players in one stroke, but also for its gigantic features.

Stealing from the rich to give to the poor

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: the setting After this general overview, let's get into the specifics of the game mechanics. From what has been shown so far, the title focuses a lot on running-in mechanics and on quality rather than quantity. The endless number of heroes and characters has never been Sumo Digital's goal. The offer of the Newcastle development house is that of a reduced roster, with such depth as to make the uses that can be made of the heroes present always different. Furthermore, as stated several times, the synergy between the heroes and the cooperation between the members of the team is what the team wants to emerge in the months following the launch, going to consolidate the title. However, to give fans reassurance, all year 1 of the title has already been announced in terms of support with free and paid additions already pre-established. A new hero, new maps and modes and constant support to the community to ensure progress in line with the philosophy behind the game.

The reduced roster therefore offers the opportunity to play as the Hunter, the Brawler, Mystic and Ranger, four classes for a four-player team. Each class can then be customized in appearance but above all in skills. The style of play of each of them in fact, despite being traced by some basic characteristics (the ranger equipped with a bow and arrow will not be able to suddenly turn into the most muscular of brawlers), will have the possibility of being shaped on the approach style. to the player's or team's favorite battle. It will therefore be possible to manage a series of skills that will guarantee active and passive changes to the player. For example, there was talk of the possibility for the Ranger to use a perk that guaranteed the hero to use the arrows as daggers to ensure better management of enemies in the event of close combat.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: the Ranger in action The basic management of the classes, however, foresees the Ranger as a hero from a distance, the Brawler as the tank for close combat, the Mystic as a medical and status support altered and the Hunter as an infiltration hero for tactics involving stealth actions. The management in battle is then left to the players who will have to follow three macro phases within the game map. All this assuming that the eyes must always be alert as the enemy team could emerge at any moment.

The first phase will consist in infiltrating the protagonist's fortress or castle of the game map. Once you get past the walls and the first enemies, the second phase will begin. Here you will need to locate the Sheriff and his elite guards, who will protect the key to the chest room. Once you have located the troop you will have to conquer the spawn points closest to it to guarantee you an easy respawn in case of elimination and steal the key. Once the key has been stolen, the third phase will begin, that is, opening the vault, obtaining the chest and securing it. In fact, once you have obtained the chest, you will have to carry it and protect it up to the extraction point. If you manage to reach it, the victory will be yours.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: The Hunter in action From what we have been able to see, the game offers numerous approach possibilities based on the integration of the individual mechanics of the heroes with the environment but also of team dynamics. The levels seem to be vast and with an intriguing level design that guarantees the possibility of varying the strategy. The unpredictability offered by the presence of PvP is balanced by the objective of interacting with the troops of the AI, but also vice versa. In fact, the presence of PvE guarantees the presence of a focus also on coordination and strategy mechanics with the team so as not to be overwhelmed. The game, however, will have to offer a non-fallacious AI to guarantee the right level of challenge and possible exploits by users. Also with regard to the balancing of the classes, the attention must be maximum. But unlike other issues, balance may be the least concern. The game, in fact, preferring a policy of quality over quantity and as shown so far, should guarantee excellent reliability as regards the four heroes available at launch.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends has its intriguing charm . This dark multiplayer take on the legend of Robin Hood can be an original and effective twist on the genre. The proposed offer, plans for year one and the selling price could be a great place to start. To confirm the impressions and consolidate over time, however, the game will have to guarantee a certain level of challenge, a solid AI and a convincing balance of all its structure. If that happens then the title could really be one of the surprises of the month. To say this, however, we will have to wait a few more days.

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