Volkswagen Group: Lamborghini will race alone, the brand leaves the group

Volkswagen Group: Lamborghini will race alone, the brand leaves the group
Here we are, the official status has arrived: the Sant'Agata Bolognese brand will leave the Volkswagen group and will therefore become a reality in its own right.

Automobili Lamborghini Spa has been part of the German group since 1998 when it was acquired for 60 million euros while now, just over 20 years later, it enjoys an incredible valuation of around 10 billion.

Volkswagen has spent astronomical sums in recent years to remedy the mistakes made, such as the famous Dieselgate , and has put on the table 73 billion euros to invest by 2025 in digitization and electrification. To raise additional sources of money to use as liquidity, the Wolfsburg brand could sell brands such as Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ducati or separate them from the main brand and leave them more free, while still maintaining a corporate majority.

Why Lamborghini?

Lamborghini lives in a limbo between the Italian heart and the German mind, a limbo that has allowed us to build incredible vehicles capable of strong emotions and extremely high reliability, as Volkswagen has accustomed us to. Despite these aspects, it seems that the brand is not yet ready for the future, such as for the new legislation that requires the electrification of fleets within the next 10-20 years. If the German brand were required to fully finance all the companies it incorporates, various monetary problems would be encountered.

A Ferrari-style idea, therefore, could be to list Lamborghini on the stock exchange to allow investors to participate in the growth process of the Sant'Agata Bolognese company and at the same time lighten the pressure on the Teutonic group.

By detaching from the parent company, they could, however, lose the support of brands such as Audi which, at the moment, are active participants in the development of super sports vehicles of the house of the bull.

Difficult but necessary choice

Not all is negative, however, separating from the German group could allow Lamborghini to explore new horizons, such as one-off customizations, and at the same time give more resources to Volkswagen to convert the entire fleet to electric as the future legislations of the next few years will require us.

It should be noted that the permanence within the group has greatly benefited the Bolognese brand and has not been limiting in any way , allowing the development of incredible vehicles that will remain in history such as the recent Huracan STO and Sian.

The choice of the detachment of Lamborghini could, for the aforementioned reasons, also bring together the majority shareholders of Volkswagen - such as the state of Lower Saxony which holds 20% of the shares in the group - the Porsche family and the inevitable trade unions. The separation could not only benefit the Sant'Agata brand but create a precedent to streamline the structure of the German group in an intelligent and profitable way for all, allowing in the future the listing on the stock exchange of even the largest brand of the group with an evaluation of about 110 billion, Porsche.

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