Yakuza: Is Like an Asura the next game in the SEGA series? No, the producer denies it

Yakuza: Is Like an Asura the next game in the SEGA series? No, the producer denies it
Yakuza: Like an Asura seemed to be the title of the new game in the Sega series, based on a rumor that emerged yesterday and that seemed rather realistic, having practically gone around the world in a few minutes, but apparently this is not the case and producer Masa Yokoyama has firmly denied it.

The idea was that the new chapter could be a spin-off focused on the events starring a young Watase and everything seemed to start right from a tweet from producer Masa Yokoyama, who then decided to be heard directly through the same means to deny, having been called into question.

With a message written in Japanese, Yokoyama reported that, although he is happy to be the protagonist of a rumor built in the West, he must clarify that the project does not exist and that, to tell the truth, he could not be responsible for it at the moment. He also added nicely that, if it were up to him, he would never call him Ashura.

As for the choice of the protagonist, Yokoyama explained that it is true that the team really likes the character of Masaru Watase, but that this does not mean that he should also be the protagonist of the next game, considering that the choice to use Goro Majima in Yakuza 0 was also the result of a long discussion in the team. Yakuza: Like an Asura will be the next game in the SEGA series, according to a tweet from producer Masayoshi Yokoyama that appeared on the net a few days ago and was immediately removed.

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Original article:

The new title, which will in all probability be announced during the special celebratory event dedicated to the 15 years of the Yakuza series, on 8 December, could take place several years before at the events of Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

It would seem that the protagonist of Yakuza: Like an Asura is a young version of Masaru Watase, captain of the Alliance Omi appeared both in Yakuza 5 and in the aforementioned Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and who has the tattoo of an Asura on his back.

However, it is not possible to verify whether the tweet is true or not: it could be a fake or really a post party by mistake by Yokoyama, who in this way would have revealed the project in advance.

As mentioned, we will discover the truth during the event in streaming that will broadcast on 8 December , starting from 12.00 Italian time.

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