Sackboy A Great Adventure: tricks to overcome the Knight's Challenges on PS5

Sackboy A Great Adventure: tricks to overcome the Knight's Challenges on PS5
Sackboy A Big Adventure is available on Playstation 5 at the launch of the console, and promises to transport the small and woolly protagonist on an epic journey suitable for all ages.

From the early stages of the adventure you will meet Scarlet, apparently a simple elderly lady who will turn out to be the last Knitted Knight still alive: her purpose is to protect and guard the DIY World, a place where Sackboy also lives. As the protagonist's mentor and helper, Scarlet will subject you to a series of challenges and tests of skill, to challenge you and find out if you are worthy of becoming a new Knight.

In particular, you will have to complete 15 different obstacle courses in the shortest possible time, trying to conquer a bronze, silver or gold trophy for each of them in order to unlock the final challenge: overcoming the latter too you will become Knights and receive a rare costume for Sackboy as the ultimate reward. Let's see now a series of tricks to better face these challenges.

Why run when you can roll?

Curiously, in Sackboy: A Big Adventure the protagonist manages to cover a certain distance by rolling faster than he can while running: for this reason you should try to exploit as much as possible the rolls within the challenges to time, in order to gain precious seconds in order to obtain a better trophy at the end of the test. Also, remember that you can also roll after a jump, in order to increase the distance covered by a single jump, a useful tactic for overcoming some obstacles.

Chain the moves

In Sackboy: A Big Adventure the little protagonist can jump, hit objects, dodge, roll, spin and float. Each move has its specific use within the different levels of the game, but you can decide to chain one or more moves in a row to get further thrusts during your jumps, or to obtain particular movement patterns that could be useful in some particularly difficult situations. So try to experiment with Sackboy's movement system, in order to use its full potential during timed challenges.

Take advantage of shortcuts

Each of the challenges you face hides within it. shortcuts and tricks to save road and therefore time: you should therefore try to look around during the journey to find any possibility of cutting the road and gain some very useful moments for the final count.

Study the beginning of the path

An important thing to remember is that the challenge timer will not start until you take the first step within the actual path: for this reason the advice is to take a few seconds to study the first part of the journey, visible from the beginning, in order to try to understand how to best act in the first seconds of the test, a small detail that could give you precious moments.

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