PS5: These are exclusive launch games in check

PS5: These are exclusive launch games in check
The PS5 will be released in Europe on November 19th. Many gamers can hardly wait for this day, but the console itself would of course not cause so much anticipation if it weren't for a few great games to buy directly. In this special, we are therefore introducing you to the largest and most interesting exclusive games that will be released during the launch period of the new Sony console. The launch portfolio of the PS5 is also quite impressive, because in addition to action games and creative indies there are also cuddly games for the whole family. (First of all, it should be said that the games Bugsnax and Godfall appearing in the following list will also be available for the PC.)

The exclusive PS5 games for the console launch

1 Spider-Man : Miles Morales 2 Demon's Souls 3 Godfall 4 Sackboy: A Big Adventure 5 Destruction All-Stars 6 Bugsnax 7 Astro's Playroom

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Whoever played the predecessor already knows that Peter Parker was in Insomniac's action-adventure Marvel hero is no longer the only Spider-Man. The young Miles Morales was also bitten by a radioactive spider and developed very similar powers to the original spider man. In the sequel to the hit from 2018, which will be released for the launch of the PS5 (buy now), Miles also takes on the leading role. Why Peter lets the apprentice hero fight the underworld of New York on his own is not yet clear, but the gameplay trailers published so far showed that Miles was apparently an attentive student.

With Miles Morales, a new spider man swings himself onto the Sony console right at the start. Source: Sony Whether criminals, mercenaries or heavily armed terrorists who disrupt an election event - the new Spider-Man fights at least as agile as his mentor. Anyone who knows Miles Morales from the comics or the great animated film Spider-Man: A New Universe also knows that the son of a cop and a nurse has a few additional skills that Peter can be damn jealous of. Sony and Insomniac haven't shown too much here, however. After all, we have already seen a few electronic attacks that created beautiful particle effects on the screen.

You could also see Miles briefly making himself invisible. Not much is known about the story itself, but we assume that Miles has to learn to deal with both the loss of his father and the new existence as a hero, while a villain causes all sorts of chaos. Here we just trust Insomniac. After all, the predecessor's story was already really good. The studio has already given information about the length of the adventure. According to Insomniac, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is said to be about as long as the Uncharted spin-off Lost Legacy. So probably seven to nine hours. Christian Dörre

Developer: Insomniac Games

Manufacturer: Sony

Date: November 19, 2020

Demon's Souls

David against Goliath: Games from From Software demand stamina and a certain degree of frustration resistance from players. Source: Sony AIs Demon's Souls was released eleven years ago exclusively for the PS3, initially no cock crowed for it. Allegedly Shuhei Yoshida (then president of all Sony development studios) said after trying it out: "That sucks. An incredibly bad game." However: Demon's Souls was extremely well received by the gaming community, certainly also because you could stick the game through like a medal of bravery on your lapel.

The phenomenon took off rapidly, now the creator studio From Software is one of them Pretty much everyone can imagine something big in business and under Souls-like. With the remake of Demon's Souls as the launch title for the PS5, Europeans can fail, fail, and occasionally triumph from November 19th, while North Americans and Japanese are a week earlier. The revamped edition of the role-playing game is being created by Bluepoint Games, which have already successfully rejuvenated the beloved classic Shadow of the Colossus.

Nothing is known about any new content, but considering the popularity of the game, including dozens of YouTube channels and websites devoted to backstories and details are sure to know more minutes after they go on sale. If you really don't have a clue of Demon's Souls, here's the short-and-sweet summary: It's a role-playing game from the third-person perspective in which you face enemies that appear invincible at first, a dark, explored atmospheric game world and in which death lurks at every corner. In the remake everything looks much better and more detailed than in the ugly original, but the gameplay remains largely the same - in the words of Yoshida "shit", in the perception of a large part of the gaming community "wonderful". Katharina Pache

Developer: Bluepoint Games

Manufacturer: Sony

Date: November 19, 2020


Fight in Godfall as a heroic knight through four fantasy realms to kill an insane god. Source: Gearbox Publishing With a next-gen console on the TV, you naturally feel particularly great. Almost as if you could take on anyone. So it's a good thing that the action RPG Godfall will be available at launch. There we slip into the role of a heroic knight who fights his way through the four realms of earth, water, air and fire in a fantasy world in order to finally face an insane god and kill him. Okay, you might not feel that powerful with a new console, but we're still looking forward to the title, because with Godfall Counterplay Games would like to combine the addictive looting and leveling concept of a Diablo with the spectacular battles of a hack & slash Connect games like Devil May Cry or the old God-of-War parts.

By killing beautifully designed fantasy critters, you get new armor with special skills and also improved weapons in the long sword, double blade classes , Battle staff, war hammer or two-handed sword. All arms play differently and offer both different combos and special attacks. With the blades we can, for example, pull an opponent towards us while we punch through several opponents with the long sword. You should be able to block, parry and evade anyway, but an offensive style of play should be rewarded by the game.

The developers talk about having to keep moving to avoid attacks and charge your own special attacks. The shield should therefore also be able to be used as a weapon. You can use it, for example, to kill opponents lying on the ground, or you can throw him into a group of opponents in a Captain America style. The material from Godfall shown so far promises a fun battle plate in a fantasy setting. Christian Dörre

Developer: Counterplay Games

Manufacturer: Gearbox Publishing

Date: November 19, 2020

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

In Little Big Planet you steered Sackboy through 2.5D levels, now the cute sack boy has also arrived in the 3D age. Source: Sony The Little Big Planet series has had some problems since it was launched on the PS3. The campaigns were mostly quite short and the rather imprecise controls for jump & runs caused criticism. Nevertheless, the series enjoys great popularity. Sure, there isn't much competition on Playstation consoles when it comes to exclusive jumping games, but the titles always impressed with an ingenious editor, lots of creativity and charming characters. The spin-off Sackboy: A Big Adventure is now focusing at least on the last two points mentioned, which - who would have thought that - focuses on the cute sack boy.

So far, the developers of Sumo Digital have not shown anything to an editor, which is why we assume that the personable sackcloth will actually get a real story campaign, which is now more than just a hook or tutorial for the editor. In addition, the gameplay material shown so far shows that Sackboy is no longer jumping around in 2.5D levels. For example - just like in Crash Bandicoot - he runs in panic towards the screen while he is being followed or the camera even positions itself over him while he jumps over moving platforms.

It was even recognizable that the control is probably more precise this time than in the parts of the main series that are rather vague to control. As you can see, A Big Adventure will certainly not revolutionize the jumping game genre, but it seems that the developers are logically developing the gameplay concept of the Little Big Planet series. Sackboys new adventure is certainly not a system seller, but everything looks to be a pretty, charming jump & run that is simply fun. And you can always use a game like this between all the action bombast. Christian Dörre

Developer: Sumo Digital

Manufacturer: Sony

Date: November 19, 2020

Destruction All-Stars

Have a good flight! The goal in Destruction All-Stars is to destroy all opponents in the arena. Source: Sony Destruction Derby meets Fortnite, that's probably the best way to describe the PS5 exclusive title. After all, in an arena you have to destroy the opposing vehicles just as much as in the PSone classic. However, the title has a comic-like graphic style, the characters are totally over the top and of course there are more options to deal with annoying opponents in order to ultimately be the only survivor. That's a good thing, because you start on the maps on foot and if you escape a crash in time you can end the lap on your feet. Of course you lack the speed and strength, but you should also be able to lure opponents into traps. We are excited to see how Destruction-All-Stars will ultimately play out and how much long-term motivation it will offer. So far, the crazy title definitely sounds like wonderfully chaotic fun. (Note: the title was postponed to February 2021 after completion of this series, which was first published in Games Aktuell 11/20, and will then be part of the PS Plus subscription) Christian Dörre

Developer: Lucid Games

Manufacturer: Sony

Date: November 19, 2020


As a reporter, you investigate Snaktooth Island from the first person's perspective, where strange beings - half Insect, half snack-life. Source: Young Horses The title of the makers of Octodad: Dadliest Catch is by far the strangest game in the Sony launch line-up, but since Lukas Schmid at the latest, we have known that strange is not always bad. In any case, we take on the role of a reporter in the adventure, to whom a film by the disgraced explorer Elizabert Megafig (no, we didn't come up with the name) is leaked. The video shows creatures that appear to be half insect, half snack. Packed with work-related curiosity, you head to Snaktooth Island, where you not only meet Ms. Megafig, but a lot of other weirdos and of course the Bugsnax. In the course of the game you will gradually discover the secrets of the island and its strange inhabitants. Bugsnax sounds totally stupid at first, but that's exactly why we're really excited to see how the title will play out. Christian Dörre

Developer: Young Horses

Manufacturer: Young Horses

Date: December 2020

Astro's Playroom

The cuddly Astro Bot has become the mascot of Playstation hardware. Source: Sony In the damn fun Astro Bot: Rescue Mission we got to know the advantages of PSVR and now the little robot wants to show us what the DualSense is in its Jump & Run preinstalled on the PS5 (read that correctly, the game is free) Controller of the new Playstation generation has so on the box. The features of the stylish gamepad are an integrated microphone and adaptive trigger buttons, through which you can feel different levels of force and tension in the game, and general haptic feedback on all actions thanks to the dual drive in the controller. We'll all get to know in Astro's Playroom as we jump, run and slide through beautifully designed worlds. The title will certainly not be a blockbuster, but it will definitely be a great showcase for the new technology. Astro Bot is also such a cute face that you just have to love him. Christian Dörre

Developer: SIE Japan Studio

Manufacturer: Sony

Date: November 19, 2020

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