PS5: DualSense compatible with PS3 and Switch, but not with PS4

PS5: DualSense compatible with PS3 and Switch, but not with PS4
In this period we have strongly returned to talking about PS5, this is because exactly like us, many editorial offices around the world have had the opportunity to get their hands on the console as a preview. Precisely for this reason, some news regarding Sony's next gen platform are coming out on the net, but not only. One of the protagonists of this next generation will be the DualSense, the new controller with next gen functionality.

As demonstrated by the YouTuber known with the nickname "MidnightMan", the DualSense for the moment is not recognized by PS4 making it incompatible with the current generation Sony console. However, PS5's new pad has no problem connecting wirelessly to a PS3, likely due to that console's compatibility with generic Bluetooth controllers.

PS4 players have one option however, namely connect the DualSense to your PC via USB and stream PS4 games via Remote Play. Furthermore, as demonstrated by a user on Twitter, it seems that the PS5's DualSense has no difficulty in interfacing with Nintendo Switch. However, this is only possible if a third-party adapter is used to connect the controller to the Nintendo hybrid console.

Finally, we remind you that PlayStation 5 will be released in Europe starting next November 19th. As for DualSense, games and accessories, according to Amazon they will all be available a week earlier, on November 12th. What do you think of what is shown in the MidnightMan video about the compatibility of the new PS5 controller? Tell us yours in the comments section.

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