Now TV TV series: the best in 2020

Now TV TV series: the best in 2020
The best Now TV series available on the SKY streaming platform. Our journey continues among the best TV series proposed in the various streaming platforms. After showing you the best Netflix TV series and those on Amazon Prime Video, in this guide we offer you some titles available on the Now TV platform, which - in our opinion - you absolutely cannot miss. Here you will find series of all kinds, which will meet the tastes of every viewer. Get ready to scroll through the list and decide which stories you will experience during your evenings.

News December 2020

Two big news for this month for all Now TV subscribers, who will be able to see the first season of The Undoing Coming December 11, 2020, a series that will follow the life of a successful New York therapist, who shortly before the publication of her first book, Grace's life begins to take shape dramatic. starts to go wrong.

We continue with a new series entirely Made in Italy, Cops - A gang of policemen with Claudio Bisio and Stefania Rocca, arriving on 14 December 2020. The series will tell the story of Commissioner Cinardi next to the pension, and just transferred to Apulia for the last assignment of "all tranquility". But things will take an unexpected turn.

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The best TV Series Now TV

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The Chernobyl miniseries, consisting of only five episodes lasting about 70 minutes, is certainly one of the most successful Now TV series of 2019, involving millions of viewers trying to tell a controversial and never forgotten story. Exciting, engaging at times disturbing, Chernobyl is a creation of Johan Renck, who conveyed in no uncertain terms what happened during that April 26, 1986 and showed all the consequences of one of the most dangerous catastrophes of the last 30 years. If you want to know our opinion on Chernobyl in depth, you can read our review.


The 'Prayer for Chernobyl' book, available on Amazon: click here.


Inspired by the best-seller of the same name by Roberto Saviano, the TV series Gomorra can be considered a real world phenomenon. Rarely has an Italian product caught the attention of foreign audiences, but from the very first episodes it is easy to understand the reason for its success. The series focuses on the stories of Camorra and drug dealers who act on the outskirts of Naples, killing without mercy and committing the most disparate crimes.

The protagonists are the members of the Savastano family, flanked by several trusted men , including Ciro Di Marzio, Don Pietro Savastano's right arm, to whom the boss, during the first season, entrusts the arduous task of preparing his son Genny Savastano for the future role of clan leader. What is analyzed under the microscope in the Gomorrah series is precisely the complex structure of the mafia, closely linked with the world of business and politics, which is exposed in all its cruelty and brutality.

Currently the series has four seasons, the latest available on Now TV from April this year.


Roberto Saviano's book 'Gomorra': click here. Blu-ray box with the first three seasons of Gomorrah: click here.


An unfiltered, straightforward and unscrupulous series, Euphoria tells all the turmoil of adolescence without hypocrisy, including food problems, drugs, first sexual experiences, broken friendships and new encounters. A cast made up of young and talented actors, such as Zendaya already seen in the two new Spider-Man and Maude Apatow (Girls). This is not the usual teenage-themed drama, but a real journey into the hellish side of youth, discovering one's weaknesses and strengths.

The first season has just landed on NOW TV and second season is currently in production.



George Clooney produces, directs and stars in the Catch-22 miniseries, narrating the story of the young and charismatic US Air Force aviator John Yossarian (played by Christopher Abbott), who operated in Italy during the Second World War. Based on the novel Comma 22 by Joseph Heller, this six-episode series is a veritable pacifist manifesto, which illustrates with humor and cynicism the madness and absurdity that characterize every war. In addition to George Clooney, the cast hosts important names such as Hugh Laurie, Grant Heslov, Kyle Chandler and the great Giancarlo Giannini.


Book from which the series is based ' Comma 22 ': click here.

The Affair - A Dangerous Relationship

From the seemingly frivolous subtitle, The Affair - A Dangerous Relationship tells the story of an extra-marital relationship between a man and a woman. From this not exactly original starting point, a plot is born that analyzes Noah's point of view under the microscope

Noah (Dominc West) novel writer in the suburbs of Brooklyn, trapped by the responsibilities that family imposes and that they prevent him from focusing on who he really wants to be, and of Alison (Ruth Wilson), a provincial girl who, after losing her son, can no longer find meaning in her life and marriage. The well-characterized characters and the simple but well-told story will captivate you like never before.

All four seasons are available on NOW TV.


Tin Star

This grim thriller series stars Tim Roth as Jim Worth, who moves with his family to Canada to put an alcoholic past behind it. One day the quiet of the town is disturbed by the opening of a large oil plant, which will upset all balance. Jim will have to face his old demons.

Tin Star is one of the most curious products of the Now TV platform, unfortunately also one of the least known, showing a Canadian suburb that is anything but reassuring, in which the The protagonist's drama is reflected in the cold streets of the city where he lives. The slow pace may not suit all viewers' tastes, but Tin Star definitely deserves at least a first viewing.

Season 1 aired in 2017 while Season 2 aired February 15 2019 to March 15, 2019. The series has recently been renewed also for the third and final season.


The secrets of Twin Peaks - Twin Peaks

Who killed Laura Palmer? A mystery that in the 90's kept spectators from all over the world glued to their seats. The secrets of Twin Peaks is, without a doubt, the series that changed television and the concept of seriality. Never before has a television product managed to engage audiences so intensely and, despite a certainly weaker second season than the previous one, the series has become a mainstay of pop culture.

25 years after the last episode of the second season, David Lynch realizes Twin Peaks, the much desired third season that solves (or not?) some of the unsolved mysteries of the old series, always in an atypical way halfway between reality and imagination.

If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely fill this gap.


'The Secrets of Twin Peaks' season two first + prequel' Fire Walk with me ': click here .


Warrior is a martial arts-based action series based on a short story written directly by Bruce Lee and created by Jonathan Tropper and Justin Lin. Actor Andew Koji plays the protagonist Ah Sahm, a boy who has recently arrived in the city in search of his sister. During his journey, Ah Sahm will immediately be hired by one of the crime families, due to his innate talent in martial arts and will become embroiled in the bloody gang fights of the local Chinatown.

The showpiece of the series is its own the spectacular fights, seasoned with an engaging storyline, enhanced by the talent of the cast. Recommended especially for lovers of films focused on martial arts.

True Detective

Photo courtesy of Sky The anthological work conceived and scripted by Nic Pizzolatto that has bewitched the public. True Detective is a detective series made up of three self-contained seasons, in which themes such as nihilism, the uselessness of existence and more generally an extremely negative view of life are presented.

Each season has a exceptional cast, with actors of the caliber of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, protagonists of the first season set in Louisiana. The second season moves to California and stars Ray Velcoro and Ani Bezzerides played by Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams. In the third season the protagonist, Wayne Hays, is played by Mahershala Ali. Unfortunately, the second season did not have the same public appeal as the first and third, but True Detective remains an unmissable series, suitable for all those who love well-written stories and complex plots.


Blu-ray first and second season of 'True Detective': click here.

Prodigal Son

The new 2020 series takes us into the life of Malcolm Bright, whose father, Martin Whitly, is the notorious serial killer known as "The Surgeon". The prodigy of the son - of the title of the series - derives from the events that led to the capture of the dangerous serial killer, thanks also to the collaboration of the son. Today Malcolm is a profiler, with a past in the FBI until his firing, serving as a consultant to the New York Police Department. But the game with the father has not ended definitively, on the contrary ... a renewed contact seems to be fundamental to find an emulator who is sowing terror.

With Tom Payne in the role of Malcolm Bright and Michael Sheen in those of the killer Martin Whitly, Prodigal Son lands on Now TV on January 20, 2020.


Romanzo Criminale

Romanzo Criminale is another great Italian product successful and well-made, the proof that even in Italy it is possible to have a series also open to the international market. The plot revolves around a group of criminals who for almost fifteen years, from 1977 to 1992, cherished an illusion: that of conquering uncontrollable Rome. The Lebanese, the Freddo, the Dandi, Patrizia, the Commissioner Scialoja are some of the characters inspired by the true story of the Magliana gang.

The series takes some historical liberties, all aimed at enriching the series, but the context in which it has fallen is very close to the reality of the facts.

Perfect for all lovers of the genre and for those who loved series like Gomorrah.

IMDB: 8,6 / 10

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