PS5: no consoles in stores even in Italy, day one only online

PS5: no consoles in stores even in Italy, day one only online
Just this morning we reported the news of the absence of PS5 in Japanese stores at the launch of the Sony console, wondering if the move by the Japanese company would be repeated in Italy as well. The answer is affirmative, with the official announcement that came just a few moments ago from Sony itself, which through its PlayStation Blog clarified the situation also for our peninsula.

“In order to respect the protocols security for the COVID-19 emergency and to safeguard players, retailers and the personnel involved, we want to confirm that on launch day (November 19) purchases will be available only through the online stores of our partner retailers. " This is what can be read between the first lines of the new post. Exactly as it will happen in Japan therefore, even here in Italy the PS5 will not be physically sold in stores, but everything will be done through online retailers.

Sony is requested not to create gatherings by camping in the waiting for the shops to open, asking players to buy the console online. Finally, it is recalled that “anyone who has made a pre-order with collection in the store should still be able to proceed in this way, but only by appointment, in compliance with the security protocols in force. Contact your dealer to confirm the details. "

It therefore seems that the PS5 launch situation will be the same all over the globe, with measures being taken to prevent confusion or large groups of people in close contact. Furthermore, with this new post on the official blog, it is confirmed that PlayStation 5 will be released in Italy on November 19, suggesting that no advance will be made on the launch date. What do you think of this latest announcement from Sony?

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